Ways to make your home feel extra cosy this autumn

Even though Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons (if not the most, in my opinion), mornings and evenings can be horribly chilly, making you wish you could stay in the warmth of your bed for longer… It’s how I feel, at least. I love the colours of Autumn, the smell of cinnamon-scented candles and everything pumpkin related, from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin pie – basically, I’m a sucker for all things Autumn, just not the cold weather.

Perhaps you’re working from home and want to make your home feel extra special or maybe you simply want to bring some autumn colours into your home, either way, I’ve put together some of my favourite ways to make your home feel extra cosy during this season.

Seal windows and doors.


Before adding autumnal colours into your home, it’s important to draughtproof your windows and doors to ensure there are no chilly draughts and heat loss during cold nights, recommends The Handy Squad. If you are looking for handyman within London, The Handy Squad is the perfect choice – they can seal windows and doors plus, make sure your home is ready for the colder months.

Rearrange furniture.

Does your living room feel smaller during the colder months? I feel like everything shrinks when the weather starts to get darker and colder. Could it be because light plays a big role in the way we look at our rooms? Or maybe because we just spend so much time indoors that everything feels a bit cluttered? Please let me know that I’m not alone with these strange thoughts…

Anyhow, let me get back on track. The way I deal with what it feels like small living spaces is by rearranging furniture. It’s a simple way to give any room a bit of a lift. The Handy Squad actually have an article on their blog about how to best rearrange furniture, where they give some great tips, including considering size, shape and placement of furniture.

Add colour with artwork.

This article on Real Homes mentions how the cosiness of a room has a lot to do with the room’s colour scheme and how “artwork on display is doing lots of hard work to create a welcoming feel, too.” Artwork with warm shades such as oranges, yellows and reds are great to display on your walls for a cosy feel.

Give it a new lick of paint.

Warm shades can also be added into your home by painting feature walls or pieces of furniture. The team of decorators and painters at the Handy Squad has painted rooms, offices, doors, skirting boards, staircases, kitchen cabinets and more – the sky is the limit!

Autumn decorations.

Fashion Mommy thinks that “Autumn is synonym of Halloween, pumpkins, colourful leaves and all things spice.” She recommends bringing those warm tones into your home and embracing the autumnal vibes with some stylish decorations, and I couldn’t agree more!

What is your favourite way to make your home feel extra special during Autumn?


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