5 Avoidable Gym Clothing Mistakes Made by Men

If you want to ‘fit in’ when you go to the gym, the chances are you want to wear the right clothes. But if you aren’t into the fashion of any sort, you might find yourself making one of the most common mistakes when you head to the gym – and most are entirely avoidable especially if you buy your outfits from a retailer such as Arnold Gym Gear whose incredible range will leave you looking and feeling great.

So let’s take a look at what the top 5 avoidable gym clothing mistakes made by men are:

Too revealing

When you have spent a lot of time crafting and sculpting your body, there can be the temptation to show it off. But flashing too much in the gym isn’t necessarily the best way to go about it so dress wisely! Does every member in the gym need to see your practically naked torso with a minuscule muscle vest? And be careful of the outlines that can be seen when you wear leggings so tight they seem painted on…

The wrong materials 

Thick jersey, denim, even some heavier t-shirts can all hinder your workout by causing you to overheat. Being too hot can cause you to feel lightheaded and can result in dehydration, plus hefty sweat patches won’t look ideal either! 

Restricting your workout 

Tops that are too tight, joggers that are too long – not only can they prevent you from performing the exercises you want to to get into shape, they can also be a gym hazard. Long threads can get caught in machines, as can trouser legs which drag on the floor. And if you wear a top that is tight to start with, once the blood starts pumping, you might find that it will begin to cut painfully into your skin. 

Making a statement 

We know that many people will be proud of certain achievements, such as taking part in Tough Mudder or even completing an Iron Man (really impressive), but you don’t need to advertise it at all times in the gym! Maybe get some clothes which aren’t just about your accomplishments. 

Failure to launder 

This isn’t specific to gender, but anyone who heads to the gym in clothes that haven’t been appropriately washed is making a huge faux pas. Especially given how much sweat can be generated during a workout! No one wants to exercise next to an unpleasant smell, so make sure you’re not the cause of it. 

Looking the part in the gym might seem trivial, but aesthetics are important to mindset in many people’s cases. But with so many unique items to choose from, you can not only look the part but also have high-performance clothes which will facilitate your work out. In addition, if you buy quality products, then you will find they will stand the test of time, and no matter how much you wash and wear them, they will continue to look great. 


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