Applying For Your First Doctor’s Practice Position

Working in the medical industry has to be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Becoming a person who spends their life helping others is a wonderful thing and can invoke much pride and happiness. 

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Once passing your exams and becoming a qualified professional, you will still need to go through the application process for that dream position at your first practice. 

Today we are going to talk about how you can apply for a doctor’s position and sell your skills. 

Show off your skills 

It is incredibly important when applying for a job to show off your skills in every way. Be confident of your abilities and make sure that in your interview you demonstrate and explain the skills you have in the world. It is crucial that you show your skills to the interviewer such as your personability, communication, and compassion because all of these things are important for a doctor. Back up your claims with stories to help you show your worth. 

Be professional 

When in an interview for a position such as a doctor you must be professional at all times from the moment you enter. Dress in a suit, and when entering a room be sure to make eye contact with the interviewer and perform a firm handshake. Don’t sit down until the interviewer invites you to do so, and always sit with your back straight and hands off the table. Small body language ticks like these are important because it gives off a certain impression and will form their opinion about you. 

Don’t overload the jargon 

It is important when applying for a role as a doctor that you don’t simply chime off every big word you know during the interview. The interviewer will not be interested in how many diseases you can name; they want to know how good you are at diagnosing them and also how you’ll be able to convey a complex illness in terms the patient can understand. Show that you understand the meaning of those big words as well as saying them, and this will help the interviewer gain a good impression of you. 

Change your CV 

Use a service like Practice Match to update your CV to show off your skills in the medical field. Experience and skills are crucial for a medical job and you may struggle to convey everything you want to without some help. Using a CV service will allow you to translate your skills and experience into a document which makes sense and is concise. 

Practice interview questions 

There will likely be some difficult questions that come up with an interview to work as a doctor, such as a question of how you would diagnose a certain illness or the steps you would take to treat a simple condition. Look up possible questions online and use a friend or family member to go through them and practice your answers. Even if you don’t get the same questions it will allow you to prepare for the style of question and formulate a good answer when in the interview. 

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