Bored Children and What to Do

Are you hearing the phrase “I’m bored”, over and over again from your kids? It can be tough to keep kids entertained at the best of times, let alone extended weekends or school holidays. Thankfully there a range of budget-friendly activities, especially around the house, that you can suggest when your children come to you looking for something to do.

Baking Sweet Treats

Have some spare time and your kids bugging you for something to do? Why not bring out the baking pan and grab a recipe for some sweet treats!

Cooking is always a favourite with children, as it’s an activity that involves pouring, mixing and the occasional taste testing. It also teaches your child how to follow instructions, as well as elements of maths with measuring.

And of course, the best thing about baking and cooking is the end result – sweet treats for you and them to enjoy!

Host Your Own Backyard Games

While they might not be ready for the real Olympic Games, hosting your own backyard version is a fantastic way to keep kids entertained, while also having a lot of laughs.

Find a variety of games that allows everyone to participate to have fun. This may include the classic egg and spoon race, a high-energy dance off or something a little unique like a scavenger hunt. Don’t forget to make some medals or awards to give the lucky winners to complete the picture.

Bikes and Scooters

Have your kids forgotten about their bikes? Then it’s the perfect opportunity to remind them the next time they tell you they’re bored! 

If your children roll your eyes whenever you tell them to go for a ride, consider ways they could mix it up and be more exciting. If they are of age, this could include letting them explore dirt tracks or go down to the local skate park to perform some jumps.

If you have little ones that haven’t learnt how to ride a bike, consider a scooter. It’s just as fun but a lot easier to use. In fact, bikes and scooters make for a great combination, letting kids of different ages ride together effortlessly. 

When reviewing kids bikes for sale, make sure you get the right size. A bike that’s too small or too big can often lead to unnecessary accidents. 

Board Games

What could be better for when your child says their bored than to suggest a board game! They might not laugh at this pun, but even a with a deck of cards, a boring afternoon can quickly be forgotten.

There are so many board gamers available today. There are classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Candy Land, but also newer ones like Catan Junior. One of the best things about board games is that the whole family can participate. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition with dice and cards on a rainy day between siblings and parents.

Write Letters

A quick, simple way to get your kids focused on an activity is by letting them write a letter. Not only does handwriting develop fine motor skills but allows them to also be creative. The letter can be to anyone they want – friends, aunt, uncles, grandparents or even to you!

Let them decorate the letter and draw pictures to help illustrate their message. Don’t forget to find a pretty envelope and let them find the perfect stamp to complete the package.

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