Clothing hacks for a sexy look

The greatest part of looking sexy is feeling sexy, and if you don’t feel it, you won’t look it – simple as that. The quickest way to take your outfit from drab to fab is by adding confidence – step out with a touch of attitude, and the world will be your oyster! 

Fit to feel fabulous

If you are trying to look sexy, one of the first and most logical steps to take is to ensure that the garment fits correctly. If it sits too tightly, shows to much skin, or makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable in any way, you can rest assured that the outfit is not working. There is nothing worse than someone who is constantly fiddling with an outfit because it keeps riding up or pulling. Feeling uncomfortable will kill your confidence too. 

Make it up as you go

Nothing says sexy like a well-done smoky eye make up, but take care not to overdo it, as you’ll end up looking like a panda! Pair it with a flick of eyeliner and some mascara to perfectly frame the windows to your soul, and to instantly add confidence. Remember – if you do heavy eye makeup, cool it on the rest of your face – nude or neutral lips will look far classier. 

Underneath it all

Sexy lingerie has a strange way of working magic. Even if it’s only you who knows that it’s there, it can add a massive confidence boost. If you struggle with your body perception (and you are allowed to!) and dislike the thought of skimpy underwear creating lumps and bumps in your dress, switch it up for shapewear! Even swimwear is available as shapewear, and there is definitely something for everybody shape and profile, to help you improve what you already have. A feeling of having control over your wobbly bits can be a sure-fire confidence booster, especially if you are aiming to make a sexy dress part of the evening’s proceedings! 

Get fresh

Although they may be perfectly comfortable, old clothing can feel like a habit, where new clothing can feel exciting! Getting excited over what you’re wearing can be a great confidence booster, and a sexy dress that fits exactly to your current body measurements, without being too tight or too loose,  will frame your silhouette to its maximum potential. 

Spice up your outfit with a few choice accessories, to take your looks from average to ace.  Bold hoop earrings make a statement, and create a feeling of approachability and fun. Another great one is a pair of oversized sunglasses – they make you look and feel and though you are in control, and add a sense of fun while remaining authoritative. And what can wrap up a look with a great dress like a pair of stockings, to smooth and shape your legs? Pair it with a killer pair of heels (or wedges, if you are not comfortable in heels) to round off your outfit and get you mingling!

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