How to create a gallery wall in your home

A gallery wall is something I’ve wanted in our home for a long time, so finally the time has come to start planning one! I don’t want a wall filled with impersonal prints, I really want to make it unique, eye-catching and most importantly personal to us. This is an area of the house where you can really bring a space to life, whether it be a big empty wall or a corner in the stairway, wall art brings life and interest where ever it’s placed.

I’ve recently been researching the best ways to put together a gallery wall before I start, so I thought as I begin my journey I’d share a post with some tips, I will, of course, share the finished wall when it’s done too!

Collect, Collect, Collect!

The first step to any gallery wall is to collect some pieces of art, canvas prints, photographs, postcards or anything that you feel catches your eye, so you can start working out which pieces go together and creating a meaningful collection. I really want to include both artwork and photographs to capture some of our best memories.

Choose a theme

You don’t have to have a theme, but to create a cohesive look having a theme always works better in my opinion. If you don’t have a theme, a colour scheme is always a good way to link the pictures together, even if it’s just a subtle hint of the same colour in each can really bring the look together. Of course, you don’t have to stick to this, you could also go wild with colour and do something totally unique. That is the beauty of a gallery wall – they are truly all unique, no two will ever be the same.

Personal Touches

Something really important to me is to add personal touches, so I’ve chosen a couple of our favourite photos which I’m going to make into black and white so they blend well with our colour scheme. I have also collected a couple of meaningful postcards from our holidays which will fill in the gaps too.

Choose frames and fittings

The next step is to choose the frames we will use. Some people like to go for a whole selection of different frames and sizes to mix it up, some go for the same colour or a colour scheme. We really love black or white frames, so I think we will keep it simple, with a mix of sizes and shapes to add variation.

At this point you can also work out how you will hang it to the wall, will you use standard picture hooks or opt for a ‘no nails’ solution where you can simply stick the frames to the wall. For me I’d go for the standard hooks as knowing me I’ll want to move it around easily and would end up sticking them up all wonky! At least with hooks they can be moved and corrected.

Plan and measure

As much as you’ll want to start hanging it on the wall at this point, the best thing to do is to lay it out on the floor and measure it. There are also templates you can download and work with if you prefer, but just work out what looks nice to you and how it’ll fit onto the wall before you start marking the wall.

Let’s do it!

Next up is the fun part, hanging the pictures! You have chosen your designs, you’ve measured up and are all ready to go. The next step is to carefully measure it onto the wall and get hanging! This is the most satisfying stage as it finally feels like your gallery wall is coming together.

Stand back to see the final look

You’ve done it! The most important step is to stand back and admire.

Good lucky planning and hanging your gallery wall! I really hope these tips and tricks helped!


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