Mama Designs Washable Sanitary Pads Review

One of my New Years Resolutions for 2020 was to make more eco-friendly choices, and given the tricky year we’ve had I’m quite pleased with my progress. I swapped to cloth nappies (before the girls potty trained), reusable face pads, Who Gives a Crap toilet roll and various other changes (I wrote a blog post about it here!) which have made a big difference to both the impact on the environment, but on my bank balance too. It feels so nice not to have to buy products every month, knowing I’ve always got a stash of reusable things to use in my house and that we’ll never run out is pretty handy and reassuring too.

One of the main areas I wanted to go fully sustainable in was sanitary products. I’m already a fan of the Lunette Cup, which I use for most of my cycle, but there are times where a pad is needed too, or when I just fancy a break from the cup (for some reason I hate using it full time!) So, I’ve recently been trying the Mama Designs Washable Sanitary Pads which have been just perfect and worked so well.

They come in a box of 3 and are all coloured black, which I really like as they are so discreet. Wearing them doesn’t feel any different to your normal pants and it’s easy to forget it’s even there! The fabric is soft and absorbant with a waterproof backing so there isn’t any chance of any leakages.

Mama Designs offer pads in various different sizes so you can stock up according to your flow – ranging from panty liners to maxi pads. They’ve also won a gold award for maternity use!

I use mine with the wet bag, which has two separate compartments. One for dry pads and one for transporting used pads home for a wash.

Don’t be dautned by the washing process, it’s super easy! Our washing machine is on every day anyway so I haven’t found using reusable products has added to my ever-present laundry pile! It’s best to give them a rinse before popping in the washing machine, sometimes I put them on a rinse cycle in the washing machine which you can also do if you have a few to do. You then wash them at 40 degrees on your normal cycle with your clothes, you don’t need to run the washing machine specifically for them or separate them, it’s really easy.

The Mama Designs box of 3 reusable sanitary pads is priced at £15.00 which I think is really reasonable for a pack of 3 reusable products that you’ll use time and time again. It might seem like an investment in comparison to £2-3 on regular sanitary pads, but once you’d bought your stash, you’ll rarely have to buy more.

They also stock Teen packs, which would be a great introduction to period products and a gentle approach for younger ones too as they feel so much softer against the skin.

You can order your Mama Designs Resuable Pads here.


What eco-friendly changes have you made this year? 


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