Smoby Medical Rescue Trolley Review

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The lockdown has been a great time to teach the girls all about the amazing work our NHS, Doctors and Nurses do, they find it all fascinating! Violet even gets excited about a trip to the Doctors and often asks if we can go (even when we don’t have an appointment 🙈) Violet’s Granny was a nurse her entire career and Grandpa a Paramedic, so I wonder if working in the medical profession runs in our family (skipping a generation with me!) and Violet will go on to follow the same path. It would certainly suit her caring, helpful personality so it’s something to think about for the future.

For the time being, the girls have really enjoyed playing with the SMOBY Medical Rescue Trolley (* nurse outfit not included). It’s a complete medical playset housed in a handy little trolley that can be pushed around the room to the next medical emergency!


The SMOBY Medical Rescue Trolley comes in a huge box, inside all the parts are separate, so I would recommend allowing some time to build it before your little ones see it (we have learned the hard way too many times and tried to build toys with toddlers getting impatient and running around the room with all the pieces! Not fun!). Putting it together was harder than it looks, it needs quite a lot of brute force to slot the pieces into each other so if you are buying it for a Christmas present, early assembly is key! It also comes with stickers to add and little medical boxes to put together so putting it all together took us about 45 mins in total.


Inside the trolley is a full medical kit, including a full complement of sixteen hospital supplies, including a syringe, thermometer, bandages, an otoscope, a stethoscope, and many more.

The medical trolley also has some realistic sound effects to really bring those medical scenarios to life – with sounds like a heartbeat, an alarm and heart rate monitor sounds you’d hear if you were in a hospital.

The trolley itself is sturdy once put together, allowing little ones to move it around with ease, tools are the right size for little hands and easy to use. The only thing I found were the little cardboard boxes were fiddly for little ones to handle and come with cardboard plasters which confused the girls on why they wouldn’t stick. With two boisterous toddlers the boxes were ripped within the first play, which was a shame.

To keep the trolley tidy after playtime there is a medical supplies box with a clip lid so you can tuck all the toys away, ready to play with again another day or to play with at another location.


I can’t tell you how much the girls enjoyed playing with the trolley! Violet was the nurse and Pearl the patient, they role played different situations together in the cutest way. Violet then said to me ‘Mummy are you sick too?’ and I was put into the chair for a full check-over including my heart rate, blood pressure and temperature, given a bottle of medicine and sent on my merry way all better!

The SMOBY Medical Rescue Trolley is really great for little ones development, it allows for one-to-one play time either with a sibling like Violet and Pearl or with a parent. It would be really great for toddlers who may be afraid of the Doctors or have an important appointment coming up as you can role-play what is going to happen so they know what to expect and how they don’t need to be afraid.

Violet has been fascinated by learning parts of the body, so it’s opened up conversations about the bones, heart, skin and blood, which helps with her understanding of how the body works.

We’ve really enjoyed playing with the SMOBY Medical Trolley and look forward to creating more medical role-play scenarios as the girls understanding grows!

Designed for children aged 3 and up (plus little sisters make the perfect patients too). You can order the Medical Rescue Trolley from Amazon priced at £44.99.

The nurse outfit Violet is wearing is not included but can also be ordered from Amazon here priced at £18.95

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  • Oh I would have loved a medical kit like that when I was a little girl! I didn’t really have aspirations to be a nurse back then but having spent my whole career as a nurse I wouldn’t have done anything different! I would love for Violet or Pearl to follow in my footsteps. They look super cute 😍