T-shirts: Why one size will not fit all

People are all different – that goes without saying! But for some reason, clothing manufacturers often seem determined to group us into neat little packages and identify us by their sizing patterns. This can make it very difficult to find clothing that fits well, flatters the figure and is most importantly super comfortable to wear too. When it comes to casual clothing, like t-shirts and jeans it’s often harder than it seems to find your perfect fit. I personally have gone through a tremendous amount of trial and error to find my perfect fit, especially getting to know my body post-babies! So, here is a guide on how to find your perfect, utterly gorgeous casual t-shirt. A classic for any wardrobe! 

Don’t fake it until you make it! 

Too small

The first mistake when it comes to buying a t-shirt is to buy it in a size too small. Often the worry with casual clothing is that it’ll look scruffy and baggy so this is a really easy mistake to make, but a t-shirt that is too tight will be less than flattering, it can also ride up and rub so it won’t be comfortable either.

Too large

Lots of people love to wear big t-shirts for comfort, I certainly do when I’m slouching on the sofa watching a movie once the kids are in bed. If you are sitting around the house, or mowing the lawn then sloppy is fine. But if you are going to venture out of your house, it’s best to ditch that oversized tee and slip into something that fits a little better for a neater look! 

Another mistake if if you feel you’ve put on a bit of weight, it can feel better to cover it with a baggy t-shirt, but actually that just makes it look worse as huge amount of fabric will add the illusion of extra pounds that aren’t even there. Own that figure and buy something super flattering!


How T-Shirts Should Fit

  • Neck
    • If you are wearing a crew neck, it is pretty simple. It should not be snug around the neck. It should not look stretched out. If any of your shoulders are showing, it is too big, unless you want to rock that off the shoulder look! 
    • V-necks should not be too deep – for men, no lower than the armpit and for ladies it’s best to try it on and work out what is flattering around the bust for you, as everyone is different! 
  • Sleeves
    • For men – the sleeves should gently hug the biceps. If they look like you are bursting out of them, they are too tight. If they are not touching the biceps at all, they are too big. Your sleeves should hit mid-bicep and touch the arm. For women, the sleeves are more forgiving, you can go for fitted or a little baggy, just ensure they aren’t so tight the fabric is pulling or pinching in the armpit area. 
  • Body
    • Around the body should be fitted, but with enough slack to move around and feel comfortable. Try to pull around 1-2 inches of fabric from either side to check it’s the perfect fit!
  • Length
    • Make sure your women’s t-shirt isn’t too long or it’ll resemble a dress or too short, as you don’t want to be flashing your tummy every time you reach for something unless you are going for the cropped look!

The t-shirt might seem like the most basic, casual item in your wardrobe, but actually, it’s an essential, a piece that can be a real fashion statement and so versatile with every outfit too!

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