Why Are Mondays So Difficult?

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky people who don’t have a problem with Mondays; you leap out of bed and you’re ready to start a new week and come face to face with every challenge and every positive it’s going to give you. A lot of people would like to feel this way, but sadly they don’t. For them, Mondays are the worst day of the week, and they even find their weekends are ruined because they are dreading Monday morning so much. 

If this seems to be more like how you feel each time Monday comes around, you’re not alone. And neither are you suffering from any strange illness. In fact, there are many reasons why Mondays aren’t everyone’s favorite day of the week, and once you work out your own reason, you may well be able to do something about it. 


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Your Body’s Rhythm Is Confused 

Assuming you work on a standard Monday to Friday work week, Mondays might be more problematic than most other days simply because your body’s rhythm is confused, and that makes you feel lost, tired, and uneasy (at the very least). It’s usually down to the amount of sleep you get at the weekend. If you’re sleeping in a lot longer than you would during the week, or you’re going to bed a lot later than you would when you’re working, the changing pattern can be enough to make the sudden new schedule on a Monday too much to deal with. 


Although there are sure to be some exceptions that mean you can’t do this, if you want to make Mondays less monstrous, try waking up and going to bed at the same time during the weekend as you would during the week. Your body won’t be confused, and Mondays won’t seem so bad. 


Losing Your Freedom

There is often a definite and exciting sense of freedom as you leave work on a Friday afternoon. Ahead of you is two whole days where you can do whatever you like, and even if you still have responsibilities and chores to get done at home, you’re still not as confined as you would be in the office or wherever it is you work. 


If this is how you feel on a Friday afternoon, the opposite is going to be true of a Monday morning; you’ll feel as if you are losing your freedom because you have to go back to the old routines, being overseen by an employer, or beholden to clients. 


What can be done about this issue? One thing you can do is allow yourself some freedom during the week as well as during the weekend. This could mean changing your lunch routine or picking a different route to work each day. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing, and it can help. 


You Hate Your Job 

One of the biggest reasons to dislike Monday is because you hate – or at least intensely dislike – your job. If this is the case, when Monday comes and you have to go back to what you were doing, even though it makes you miserable and maybe even causes you stress, you’re going to seriously begrudge having to do it. 


Whether you have a demanding boss, the work is too easy or too hard, you’re not doing what you want to do, the commute is too long, or any other reason, Monday mornings are always going to be hard. 


There really is only one thing you can do to rid yourself of this issue, and that’s to find a new job. This is not something to worry about; it’s an opportunity. Even if you decide you want to do something completely different like becoming a teacher, a nurse, or you want to work for professional personal injury attorneys in some capacity and you know you need to go back to school to retrain, it will be worth it if it’s going to make you happy. Of course, don’t quit your job until you have something else to move onto, but even having the goal in mind can make Mondays a little less awful. 


It’s A Cultural Thing

You might not hate Mondays. They might not bother you at all. Even if you’re not that excited for them, they’re not something that give you the ‘Sunday night blues’ or make you want to quit your job. So why, then, do you feel as though you should dislike Mondays so much? Why do you find you tell people you hate Mondays when really you’re ambivalent?  

It’s a cultural thing. We live in a culture that sees Monday as an enemy and the weekend as some kind of reward for hard work. This can be an idea that sticks, even if it doesn’t relate to your life at all.  

In this case, you simply need to think before you speak, comment, or agree with someone about how terrible Mondays are. Although it may not seem like that big of a deal, if you keep saying it and pretending that it’s true, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and soon Mondays really will become a problem. 


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