5 Tips for Stress Free Flying

Travelling can be such a hassle – especially if you’re travelling with children. Our world is stressful enough at the moment without a panic-inducing flight itinerary. 

You’re constantly thinking stressful thoughts: will I make my flight, how long will they hold the door, is my bag too heavy to be checked, who will sit next to me, will I make my first appointment at my destination, why is that person doing that in the airport, and so many more.

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Here are five tips for a stress-free flying experience.

  1. Over Plan

No one likes to be the one who over plans. Everyone would much prefer the chill, laid back, everything is under control version of traveller. But make no mistake, planning well will create this version of yourself while at the airport.

Consider every last detail:

  • When to leave the house 
  • Which bags to check
  • Memorize your terminal and gate number
  • Make sure everyone travelling with you has their ticket
  • When you will land
  • Method of transportation to the first stop

Plan and communicate your plan with your travelling party. Your future self will thank you for it.

  1. Store Your Luggage

One of the most annoying things about flying to a new place is having to lug around your luggage when you first land – especially if you have plans or a layover before arriving at your nighttime stay.

Thankfully many companies provide luggage storage in several cities to make your stops convenient and give you that sense of freedom. Not having to keep up with your luggage means one less thing to worry about among the hundreds of other stressors.

  1. Dress in Layers

This is a no brainer for experienced travellers, but it’s still something many often forget. Who knows what the temperature will be in the terminal, on the plane, or at your destination.

Dressing in layers allows you to be prepared for any situation. Prevent yourself from freezing on the flight or pouring sweat while stuck on the tarmac by dressing in at least two or three layers of clothing.

  1. Consider CLEAR or TSA PreCheck

Going through security can often be the most stressful part of flying. If you fly even just a couple times a year, these could be well worth it.

They allow you to breeze through the security line and keep your shoes on. You don’t have to remove laptops, liquids, belts or sweaters. CLEAR is an annual membership while TSA PreCheck is good for 5 years once you are approved.

  1. Queue Up Your Media

Plan for whatever you plan on reading, listening to, or watching during the flight. Nothing is worse than sitting quietly for a four-hour flight because you forgot to download that show while you had WiFi. And no one wants to drop $20 or $30 for a couple of hours of internet access.

Decide how you want to pass your time flying, and get it all ready to go before you get to the airport. Download your podcasts, shows, movies, songs, eBooks, or audiobooks and have an entertaining flight. No stress necessary.


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