Getting Braces As A Mother: All You Need To Know

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Braces are often assumed to be reserved only for teenagers. However, an increasing number of adults are reaching out to orthodontists in order to get a consultation for braces. Orthodontic treatments can improve your oral hygiene, instil further confidence in you and help you achieve the smile you deserve. It is understandable, though, that many parents and working professionals are still reluctant to get braces, even if they might want to. If you are looking for a way to invest in yourself as a mum in 2021, getting braces could be one of the best options for you!

Let’s take a look at all you need to know about getting braces as a mum.

Explaining braces to your kids

First of all, as a mum,  you might wonder what your kids will think of your braces! Particularly if you have young children, explaining your braces to them could be a task. However, by explaining to your kids that you are doing something to improve your confidence and help you smile, you are not only showing them that everyone deserves confidence, but you are teaching them ways to help their own confidence.

Professionalism for working mums

For working parents, the main reason why you might want to avoid getting braces is for fear of looking unprofessional at work. Many people feel that their appearance at work really matters; first impressions count, and it can be difficult if you don’t feel confident in how you look at work. However, with new innovations in orthodontic technology, it is now possible to have braces without anybody even realising! Here are the invisible braces options for professionals who aren’t sure about having visible orthodontic work…

  • Clear aligners. Clear aligners are perfect for minor alignment adjustments to your teeth. They are practically invisible to anyone who sees them, and are removable at any time for eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth. 
  • Braces on the backs of your teeth. These are ideal for more major adjustments and cannot be seen from most angles. This is perfect for anyone looking to readjust their teeth without affecting how they look.
  • Night time aligners. These are only for minor adjustments, but are the perfect solution for someone who wants to only wear braces at night.

The cost of braces and motherly guilt

When you are a mother, it can be easy to feel guilty about spending money on yourself. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, and as parents we want to give our children all the opportunities possible – thereby sacrificing our own luxurious purchases for their necessity. However, spending money on something for yourself is never a bad thing. Creating space to treat yourself to something that will improve your confidence and make you feel better will serve you and your kids; they will be getting the best, most confident version of you!

In conclusion, investing in braces is not something that mums should shy away from. If you feel like straightening your teeth would empower your confidence in the coming years, do not be afraid to go after what you want!

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