Holiday Tyre Care Tips

We all secretly dream of owning a vehicle without any fault or repairs required. Quite frankly, most of the times we do try to go through every possible check required to keep our vehicle up to the mark and roadworthy. During this car check , motorists often avoid monitoring their vehicle tyres properly and consider it as a least priority matter. They need to know tyres are as important as other parts of the car and should be monitored on a regular basis especially during winters if you are living in a crowded place like Scotland.

Check for tyre wear and tear 

It is always a good idea to inspect the quality of the tyres carefully before taking your vehicle out on the road. At times you might not be able to see but there might be few cuts, bulges or tears present on your tyres. Tyres with such damage might hamper your vehicle’s performance causing your car to roll roughly on the rugged and snowy road. It is better to take note of such damage beforehand so that there is no need for you to go through heavy tyre repairs or sudden tyre change in between your road journey. Before you decide to go out during the holidays, it is crucial to check your tyres and get a professional fitting done by someone reliable. For Scotland, there are multiple options and one good recommendation for choosing the right type of tyres in Dundee is from Fife Autocentre (01382 205000).

Check  the tread depth 

Another significant check that you can do to keep your tyres healthy during winters is checking the tread depth of the tyres that is used to protect the outer layer from any external damage caused to tyres on road. According to vehicle laws tread should be between 2mm to 3mm for tyres to keep a strong grip and resistance on the road. Also as winter is here you might have to drive on misty or icy roads for that a tread depth should be strong enough to avoid the vehicle slipping in the wrong direction.

Avoid Overloading 

When you overload your vehicle with extra burden , the pressure is mostly felt on the tyres. This excessive pressure on the tyres can cause them to be damaged sooner than expected or most likely cause tyres to lose balanced air pressure in them and become underinflated. You might not notice but if you take your car out for a drive with underinflated tyres, there is a high risk of tyre getting punctured that will leave you stranded in the middle of a busy road. Hence to avoid such a situation, you should avoid vehicle overloading and check the tyre pressure before leaving for any journey.

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