How to Buy Euromillions Tickets

If you are one of those who dreams of the possibility of winning the lottery in a big way and that changes your life, the Euromillions is for you! This European lottery created in 2004 is one of the games that distributes the highest prizes worldwide: up to 190 million euros in jackpots.

The aim of creating the EuroMillions was to strengthen ties between Europeans. Therefore, any citizen residing or visiting these countries can play EuroMillions at an authorized point of sale of the corresponding national lottery body. Prizes and bets are in euros, except in the UK and Switzerland, which have their own currency. Although, to have a chance to win a jackpot of this size, you first need to know how to buy the tickets.

How to buy Euromillions tickets

Buying a Euromillon ticket online is as easy as it can be if you do it at All you have to do to play EuroMillions is to select from the options 5 numbers of your choice (from 1 to 49) and 2 stars (from 1 to 12) for the single block. You can also try your luck by letting the ticket be chosen randomly by pressing the “random” box. Our application allows up to 5 bets per ticket, that is to say 5 blocks, with 5 numbers for each bet, to see the result after the draw for the Euromillion.

You have the option to subscribe to the Euromillon online for several weeks, as well as to subscribe for several Euromillions draws and thus forget for a time to make bets, consult the statistics of results or opt for the reductions where you improve your bets.

The more Euromillon tickets you buy, the more chances of a prize you can get.

If you want to participate in the EuroMillions online in multiple bets mode, you must select between 5 to 10 numbers (from 1 to 50) and select from 2 to 5 stars, (from 1 to 12) in the first block. The next thing is to choose the day of the draw, which takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays, or participate in the two weekly draws, press “validate bet” and fill in the data. It’s that simple. It only remains to wait to check the results of the Euromillions and know if you are a millionaire.

Advantages of buying online

  • You will win in comfort, because you can place bets wherever you want through the app, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • You will win in peace of mind, because you will receive in your email the validation of your bets, as well as the scrutiny and the prizes obtained.
  • You can play weekly and subscribe several weeks to your favorite numbers and we are in charge of validating them weekly for you.

The minimum amount to play is €2.5, corresponding to 1 column (bet) for 1 day, being able to play a maximum of 5 columns on each ticket, and for 2 days (Tuesday and Friday), doubling the price of the bet. There is also the possibility of making multiple bets, which are marked from 5 to 10 numbers and from 2 to 5 stars only in the first column, increasing the chances of hitting the winning combination, and obtaining greater prizes for each hit category. The prices of multiple bets are based on the numbers marked in the first column of the ticket. You can start multiple bets on the 6 numbers in a column and 2 stars that are 6 bets at a cost of €15 to reach the largest combination of 10 numbers in a column and 5 stars that are 2520 bets that have a cost of €6300.


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