How to give your home a modern makeover

When it comes to renovating your home, there are so many new and improved ways to give your home a modern touch whilst keeping the traditional, practical features that help to keep it functional yet stylish too. Of course, it’s always dependent on the budget but making some changes to your home to make it look more modern doesn’t have to cost the earth – simple changes can go a long way! For rooms that simply need a little reviving, you can implement simple, cost-effective features that will brighten the room and add tons of character. For the rooms that may need a little more TLC, there are some great ways to both create a whole new look as well as add value to your home too. So, here’s how you can give your home the modern makeover it deserves and create a space that works well for you and your family…

Flooring, Walls and Ceiling

First and foremost – flooring, walls and ceilings! The most important and obvious part of the home. Many homes today have incorporated wooden floorboards into their interiors, this works so well for creating a modern, contemporary look. Wooden floorboards are great for adding character to your home as well as creating a fresh look, plus they are super easy to clean and keep tidy too! 

How you decorate the walls within your home is completely down to personal style – how you design it will reflect your personality. Decorating your home with colours that complement each other well will draw your home together beautifully and add a welcoming, homely feel. If you feel your walls are looking a little tired or dull, giving them a quick refresh will instantly lift the overall atmosphere and brighten up any room.

Your ceiling is an area that is often overlooked or forgotten about, simply because it’s not as obvious as other elements of the home. Making sure your ceiling has a fresh layer of paint will keep the rooms bright and ensure that the room looks smart and finished. 

New Details

When it comes to designing each room, adding some new features and details will certainly lift the atmosphere and give it a brand-new look. Adding little touches such as new door and cupboard handles is a great way to completely change the look in the kitchen with minimal cost. Another great way is to upgrade old fashioned radiators to these Ultra Modern Electric Radiators, which add a touch of class and style to any room.  You’ll also find that investing in some new curtains or blinds will add a new look to your home, whilst also being a cost-efficient option.

Windows and Doors

Allowing light into your home is so important – take a look at your windows and see if changes can be made to create a lighter, airier space. Ultimately the natural light will make any space far more modern. Large, modern windows and a smart front door also add to the curb appeal and first impressions of your house too.  Whether you look at completely replacing your windows and doors, or you go for a cost-effective strategy of giving them a good clean and purchasing some new, stylish hardware for them, you can create a whole new look and make your home stand out from both the inside and out.

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