How to have more energy on Game Day

Maintaining a high level of energy throughout the day sounds like a near-impossible task. In these fast times, no one has any free time. It’s not even about others, we hardly have any free time for ourselves. Regardless of your age, gender, lifestyle, or even occupation, everyone is busy. The younger generation is preoccupied with their schools and colleges. While the adults are busy with their work. It is a cold hard fact that one cannot go through life with hard work and education. However, all this hard work and effort leaves us tired and exhausted at the end of the day. 

The moment we reach home, we have depleted all our energy. Thus, we come home exhausted and tired. We as a society have accepted that tiredness is a natural part of life that has no solution. It is assumed that recovering from energy loss is a tedious and difficult task. Therefore, we do not make a proper effort toward recovery. Furthermore, we try to power our way through the task at hand when we have a low level of energy. Powering through such activities can turn out to be very hectic and can sometimes result in anxiety, stress, and even depression in some cases. We can try and use energy management to conserve and divide our energy throughout the day. However, some days just require a lot more.

Some days require you to perform at your absolute best. You have to be nothing less than perfect. It can be an important basketball match or an important sales pitch that you have to nail. The occasion doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have to give it your maximum effort. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be discussing a few easy ways you can gain more energy to perform well on your big day.

Get more sleep

Ever wondered how to stop feeling tired all the time? Sleep. It is our favorite activity to ignore in order to meet a deadline or study a bit more before an upcoming final. Research shows that 20 to 30% of the human population tends to experience poor sleep, missing out on necessary resting time our body needs and thus, resulting in tired, grump, and lethargic individuals. If you go through a similar situation, try to reevaluate your sleeping habits. You might not be getting the rest you need. 

It is recommended that you sleep at least 7 hours each night. This can vary depending on the routines and habits of individuals, as some people tend to sleep more while others require less time than average. If you have a hard time falling asleep or you do fall asleep but at random times, here are a few tips to help you fall asleep better:

  • Take a soothing and relaxing bath before bed.
  • Read a book.
  • Try getting into bed 30 minutes earlier than usual as it helps the brain shut down.
  • Do not use phones, tablets, or laptops in bed. The white light emitted from screens makes it harder for you to fall asleep.
  • If it is harder for you to fall asleep, try using CBD joints from

Maintain a healthy diet

If you feel exhausted and tired all the time, it is likely that you are not eating right and need to reevaluate your eating habits. Picture your body as a well-oiled machine, and for it to run correctly and at an optimum level, it requires a proper healthy diet. If your diet consists of foods with a low nutritional value, don’t expect your body to perform at an optimum level. A good diet can help decrease your chances of developing a chronic illness while increasing your level of energy. It is very common for people to ask about “what to eat when you feel weak and tired?”. Add nutritious, whole foods to your diet as they will provide your body with the nutrition it requires. 

Try avoiding processed foods as they are high in fat and sugar, and are also known to drain your energy. Moreover, avoid skipping meals and have a proper eating schedule. Studies have shown that students who skip breakfast or have a random eating pattern have a much greater chance of getting fatigued.

Be Hydrated

Our body’s natural composition consists of 55 to 75% water. Though, it can vary depending on your age. Throughout the day, we encounter water loss due to different ways. Urine and sweat are the major reasons for this. Therefore, to actually stay hydrated, we have to drink enough water that this loss doesn’t severely affect us. Dehydration can be very harmful as it can impact your brain function, energy levels, and even our mood. 

Research shows that individuals who lose 1.58% of their water level, tend to experience poor working memory and have an increase in fatigue and anxiety levels. However, it is very hard to experience such a great deficit as a loss greater than 1% is only experienced after tough physical exercise. 

To stay hydrated during the day, you don’t have to do much. All you need to do is just quench your thirst from time to time. You should increase your water intake during strenuous exercise or a particularly hot day. Try avoiding caffeinated energy drinks as they tend to drain energy.

Use energy boosting supplements 

It is highly common for people to grab an energy drink when they feel that they have run out of energy. What we don’t know is that these energy drinks contain copious amounts of caffeine and sugar that are known to cause anxiety and result in drained energy levels.

Therefore, here are a few examples of the best energy-boosting supplements available:

Raw Cacao

Cacao is a nutrient-rich food packed with minerals, iron, copper, zinc, and manganese. Its chocolate taste can help provide you with the boost of energy you may need for your special day. Cacao does not contain caffeine. Instead, it has theobromine, a compound similar to caffeine but it doesn’t give you cravings. 

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are also called “little miracle seeds” because of their amazing qualities. They are essentially calorie-free. These seeds help provide you with essential nutrients such as zinc, B1, B2, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, manganese, calcium, and antioxidants. They are notoriously famous for boosting energy. Plus, they give you healthier, much better skin, help you lose weight, and regulate your blood sugar. Chia seeds are great for kids and pregnant women.

They are the perfect food to boost your energy for your special day.

Reduce Stress

Every day, we experience all sorts of emotions and feelings. It is natural to feel stressed out, anxious, and overwhelmed. Nonetheless, it is better to keep these emotions at a minimum. Stress is closely linked with tiredness. It can reduce our concentration levels and make it harder to have a proper thought process. It is highly dangerous and can destroy a person mentally, if not treated immediately. 

Completing removing stress from life itself is impossible. However, we can make a greater effort towards living a calmer and peaceful life. Try engaging in activities that help you decrease your stress levels and calm your nerves. Try to take some time out to relax, or read a nice book, go out for long walks in a park. You could even practice meditation or yoga. Stretching has shown signs of improving stress. 


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