Rediscover Yourself with These Post-Divorce Makeover Tips

Going through a divorce is a difficult time that requires a lot of recovery. Perhaps a makeover could be just the act of self-love you need…

In a relationship, it’s common for people to lose their sense of self. Especially in a relationship where divorce is on the cards, putting aside your identity to focus on the issues at hand is only natural.

Once you’ve dealt with your London, Manchester or Surrey divorce lawyers to make the decision legal, it’s time to think of some other ways to heal. With self-love and care becoming an ingrained element of 21st century life, perhaps a makeover could be one of the most helpful ways to rediscover yourself?

In this post, we’re going to give you some divorce makeover tips as well as some more general tips to help you rediscover yourself. So, how can you recover post-divorce through a bit of self-care?

How to Rediscover Yourself After Divorce

When someone gets divorced, the stress and emotions they feel can take over their entire life. Even if you were the one who instigated the split, you might still miss your ex because of how intertwined your lives were. 

People tend to grieve for the loss of someone they loved, but also all the dreams they shared and plans they made that will never be fulfilled. This can lead to unchartered territory where your whole routine, family life, and responsibilities are called into question.

With this in mind, the best way to get over this change in routine is to change it. Instead of wallowing in what you had, and living a routine that once had two people in it, you can rediscover yourself.

If you change your routine, and change yourself, you can change your outlook on the whole situation. Rediscovering yourself also means changing the way you look, to become someone other than the person who just got divorced. This is where the divorce makeover comes in…

Our Top Post-Divorce Makeover Tips

If you really want to reinvent and rediscover yourself to get over your divorce, try and follow these divorce makeover tips:

1. Buy new lingerie

Straight out of the gate, buy yourself some new lingerie. Whether you’re planning on dating yet or not, you don’t need an excuse to look your best.

If the end of your marriage has left you feeling unsexy and unwanted, the least you can do is prove to yourself that you can be. Rediscover yourself and be that sexy person you were before you married your ex. 

2. Get rid of any clothes tied to your ex

Resist the urge to hold onto clothes that bring back memories of better times with your ex. They will only make it harder for you to move on from the person you were and become the person you want to be.

Donate or sell the dress you wore on a special anniversary, the Halloween outfits you made together and the jewellery he bought you. It’s time to rediscover yourself and leave the past in the past. 

3. Don’t keep the empty wardrobe space

Speaking of clothes, don’t leave a whole half of your wardrobe empty like someone just moved out. Instead, fill it with all the new clothes you’re going to buy yourself. Go out on the town, buy outfits you never thought you could pull off, and reveal the new you.

4. Try a new hairstyle

In the spirit of changing yourself, a new hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to look and feel like a new person. Perhaps there’s a style you always wanted to try that you were worried your ex wouldn’t like. Now’s the time to experiment and rediscover the shape of your hair. 

5. Try a new makeup or skincare routine

So, your divorce makeover currently consists of new clothes and new hair, but how about a new face. We’re not talking plastic surgery here, but new makeup and a new skincare routine.

Your usual routine of foundation, blush and a flick above the eyelashes is the face you’ve been looking at since you got married. Get online, look up some YouTube makeup tutorials and pick your new face.  

When it comes to makeup, the removal process is just as necessary as the application. If you don’t take the time to properly remove your makeup, you could be doing more harm than good. There are many different types of makeup removers on the market, so it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.

The first step in choosing a makeup remover is figuring out what type of skin you have. Is it dry, combination or oily? This will help determine which product is best for your needs. Bisous™ | The Premium Reusable Makeup Remover is an example of an excellent option for any type of skin.

6. Get a regular manicure

We’ve covered body, head and face, but we haven’t touched on nails yet. You don’t have to go too crazy and get long polished claws; a simple buff and polish should help with your personal rediscovery.

7. Dress nicely every single time you go out

With all these new divorce makeover tips in mind, practicing your new look every day is a good way to cement it as the new you. Wear your new clothes, fix your new hair, put on your new makeup, every time you go outside and be proud of the new person you’ve become.

Other Things You Can Change to Rediscover Yourself

Rediscovering yourself after divorce isn’t only about making over your physical appearance. It’s also about making over your inner self. Here are a few general tips to help you rediscover yourself after divorce: 

1. Eat a healthy diet

The easiest way to change the way you feel on the inside is to adopt a healthy diet. This doesn’t mean eating salad all day to lose weight, just research a solid diet that you feel comfortable with and try it out.

A new diet acts as a change to help rediscover yourself, but it will also physically improve your mood and energy levels. 

2. Take up a new hobby

Starting a new sport or hobby that has nothing to do with your ex is a great way to rediscover who you are. Try out a few different ones before you settle on something, you’d like to take up long term.

This’ll also help you make new friends who don’t know your ex at all and move on with a new chapter in your life. 

3. Make new connections

Embracing the opportunity to connect with new people after a divorce offers a multifaceted path to self-renewal. On a professional level, forging fresh connections can open doors to career prospects, collaborations, and mentorship that invigorate one’s sense of purpose. Personally, these connections can usher in friendships that provide emotional support and avenues for shared interests. In the realm of online dating, platforms offer a dynamic arena to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. From eco-conscious platforms that unite environmentally conscious souls to adventure-seekers’ apps that foster connections between those craving adrenaline-fueled experiences, the options are vast. For example if you are into plus size dating you can explore Online For Love dating coaches recommendations of the top plus size dating sites, tailored space where individuals with fuller figures can embark on meaningful relationships without concerns about body image. This niche caters to a community seeking partners who appreciate and celebrate their unique beauty and personalities, promoting genuine connections founded on mutual understanding and shared experiences.

4. Make sure you get enough sleep

It might sound like a bit of a redundant task when it comes to a divorce makeover but sleeping is one of the best ways to cement your new life in your mind.

When you’re out there working on a new hobby and changing things in your life, ‘sleeping on it’ literally cements the new practices in your mind. When you sleep on something it becomes a learned trait. Then, the more regular your sleep is the more of your new life your brain will adopt. 

What Now?

Throughout this post, we’ve managed to briefly dip into the psyche of someone who’s been through a divorce. We’ve then shared some tips on how to rediscover yourself with a post-divorce makeover, and shared some general tips on changing your life for the better. 

Although it may sound as though we want you to alter your entire self, it’s really just about redefining who you are without your partner. Explore who you want to be, and try out new looks and personalities, and you’ll be back to yourself in no time.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your makeover. 

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