Stay Connected To The People Who Matter In Lockdown


One of the things that ended up being the most significant shock during these many months spent in various stages of lockdown is just how much so many of us weren’t fully prepared for what self-isolating really felt like. Sure, lots of people would consider themselves pretty comfortable staying at home but the truth is that few of us were prepared to be spending quite so much time cut off from the rest of the world. This has been particularly hard for many of us because we’re unable to see the people who matter most to us in life: friends, family, even partners. Of course, just because you can’t be in the same space as someone doesn’t mean that you have to lose your connection with them. Here are just a few things that you can do to stay connected to the people who matter most during lockdown.

Make an effort to communicate

When you’re stuck at home it can often be shockingly easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you’re in your own little world. Since you can’t get out into the wider world it’s easy to forget that it’s really even there. This can often lead to forgetting about simple things like replying to messages or just checking in on the people you care about. If you want to maintain those all-important connections, you need to be willing to actually make the effort to communicate with the people you love. Even something as simple as just sending a text to ask how someone is doing can make all the difference.

Let them know you care

Being unable to really spend time with people who matter to you can be tough on you and them but one of the things that you can do to ease that just a little bit is to do things to remind them that you care and that you’re thinking about them. There are plenty of ways to do this, from things as simple as just picking up the phone to hear their voice for a while to using an international flower delivery service to send a beautiful bouquet to someone you love no matter how far away they are. By making the effort to show that you care, you can keep those bonds strong throughout lockdown and beyond.

Be willing to reach out

Of course, it’s not just about your ability and willingness to be there for the people you care about, it’s just as important that you have people who are willing to do the same for you. Lockdown can be really tough on an emotional level and one of the most important things that you can do is to reach out to the people who love you when you need their support.

The reality is that you often don’t fully realise how much you’re going to miss something until it’s gone and for many people, the ability to get out into the world and see the people who matter to them is something that they will definitely not take for granted ever again.

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