Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Same Sex Couples: How to Pick the Perfect Treat!

Picking out the perfect anniversary gifts for your friends is sometimes one of the most challenging things to do, especially if you want your gift to be completely unique. If you are trying to look for an anniversary gift for same sex couples this can sometimes be challenging as a lot of gifts feature man and wife references. Despite this, there are many independent and mainstream retailers who have diversified and create beautiful and unique gifts for same sex couples, so you can rest assured that there will be something fantastic that you can find for your friends.

Just because you are searching for an anniversary gift it doesn’t mean that you need to have any reference to the couple’s gender on the gift. For example, you could get them something that incorporates their interests as a couple, such as a hobby or something fun that they like to do together. Or you could even organise for a romantic surprise for them. Try to think outside of the box with your gifts or experiences and make sure that you choose something that is relevant to the couple and something that they will enjoy doing together.

Although many anniversary gifts are geared more towards a male/female relationship, there are a lot of gifts that will work for same-sex relationships. There are traditional and modern gift ideas for each year of marriage which don’t just apply to a male/female relationship, they can apply to same sex relationships too and can cater for a range of tastes and interests. The main thing to remember is to buy your partner something that you know they will love and treasure for years to come. The important thing to remember is the fact that you are celebrating another year of married life together, rather than putting too much pressure on the gift that you are buying.

Personalised gifts are something that can be enjoyed by everyone and make ideal gifts for same sex couples, and with the increase in a lot of smaller, independent businesses that make these unique gifts, as everything can be personalised, you can ensure that the gift you choose is completely unique to them. You could even use their names or even nicknames if you really wanted to make them different, rather than the usual ‘mr & mr’ or ‘mrs & mrs’ that are used on many items.

If the couple you are buying for love to cook and enjoy eating out, then there are plenty of options when it comes to gifts. You could treat them to an evening out at their favourite restaurant, or even treat them to enjoy eating at the chef’s table which many high end restaurants do, especially in London. This will give them a truly unique dining experience and will definitely be something that they will treasure.  Kitchen accessories make great gifts and something simple like a personalised cutting board is a great gift, and something that will be used for years to come. You could even add their wedding date to it as an extra special touch.

If the couple love to entertain and enjoy having people over their house, then you could choose to surprise them with personalised tumblers or champagne glasses. You could buy them a bottle of their favourite champagne or spirit to go alongside this too.

 If you’d prefer to buy them something more along the traditional gift idea then there are plenty of options to choose from, you just need to be creative! For example, the first year of marriage is traditionally the gift of paper or the modern gift of a clock. There are loads of things that you can choose along these two themes, or even choose something that combines both of these, such as an origami clock!

An experience is something that always goes down well with a couple, and is a great anniversary gift that can be enjoyed by the couple and provide them with memories to treasure for years to come. You could also buy them a memory book so that they can take photos and start creating their own memory book of their own with all the trips and experiences they do as a married couple. Of course this gift may be a bit more money that you are willing to spend, so why not team up with a few friends and surprise the couple with the ultimate getaway.

Try to be unique and creative when thinking about the gift you choose for the couple, and think about their personal interests. If they have fur babies and love animals then you could even choose to incorporate them into the gift you choose. Perhaps a photoshoot of the couple with their animals would be a nice idea, so that they can have some beautiful, professional photos of them with their animals in their home. It’s something that they will treasure forever. This would be especially good if the couple had them play a part in their wedding day!


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