Beautiful Milestone Gifts To Give Our Family Members

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It can be nice to purchase an item to mark an event, particularly an event or to celebrate a memory of significance. For instance, if your child moves out for the first time, or gets their first job or promotion, or passes their driving test, or turns eighteen, it might be nice to gift them something to show how proud you are of them.

But more than simply purchasing them a new television, or rather, something they could purchase themselves, it’s perhaps better to not only gift a memento, but a memento that will help them remember this day and will likely take care of. We all remember receiving similar gifts, perhaps one, in our childhood. It might have been our grandfather’s watch, or maybe even a photo album of our parents as children. These gifts stick around in our mind thanks to their sentimental value and connection to who we and our families are.

As the gift giver, it can be hard to think about what item may fit this exact description, and what counts as sentimental. Let’s consider:


Jewelry has a fascinating and long-term staying power, because its craftsmanship is often something to behold, and has been build to stay around.  Jacob Mercari diamonds installed in a watch, or a pendant, or simply a ceremonial piece of jewelry can be a great piece and gift that your relative is happy to wear during important family events. Who knows? Maybe they’ll pass down this jewelry. After all, a familial history gives something weight and consideration. It’s why people propose with their grandmother’s engagement ring. It all means something, and your gift can and will mean something in the future, too. A captivating tanzanite ring, with its unique and vibrant color, can also be a cherished gift that adds a special touch to family heirlooms.


Utilities are important to consider. They can really make a positive change. For instance, you might pay for the downpayment on their college tuition fees to help them get that little headset. Maybe a simple gift of purchasing insurance for their vehicle can help them suffuse some of those initial costs. A life milestone is often helped by a life utility, something that helps them overcome an obstacle they may have spent time working on before. That can be tremendously useful, and it shows you care about their current life situation, too.


Heirlooms are also a great gift, and anything can be an heirloom of course. However, it’s often the case that passing down something important to you can serve as an amazing gift, even if it doesn’t really have any ‘use’ aside from its historical and sentimental value. For instance, you may have a spyglass that has been passed down in your family. Entrusting it to your daughter who has now started a family of her own could be a beautiful way of ‘passing a torch,’ and showing them the trust and appreciation you have in and for them them. This is a highly specific example, but it’s not uncommon for there to be something similar in your life, too. Could it be that you also have an heirloom to impart?

With this advice, we hope you can make use of the most beautiful milestone gifts to impart to your family members.


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