Dress Ideas For The Self-Conscious

If the idea of putting on a miniskirt or exposing your midriff in public makes you shudder, you’re not alone. Not all of us want to flaunt it all, every time we leave the house. Sometimes, we just want to be able to relax in the clothes we’re wearing. 

You wouldn’t think it, though, looking at some of the pictures in magazines and on the internet. Wearing daring clothes seems to be the order of the day. 

But that’s a shame. It’s making you feel self-conscious. And it’s ruining your enjoyment of fashion. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to let it all hang out to be in vogue. Check out these dress ideas for the self-conscious part of you. 

Vertical Stripes

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If you’re worried about your figure or you just want to cover it up a little, then vertical stripes are your best friend. These have a slimming effect, and they also disrupt the eye, making it harder for anyone to actually evaluate your physique. Think of it a little bit like camouflage. 

Wear More Black

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Like vertical stripes, black is also slimming and helps to keep the details of your figure more private. Yes – people will still be able to see your outline. But you’ll be more of a silhouette. 

Black is also a colour that suits a lot of women quite naturally. If you have particularly fair skin, it might not work. But for everyone else, it’s something worth a try. 

Use Statement Pieces

If you’re not happy with a particular part of your body, then you might try using statement pieces. The goal here isn’t to “cover up” or “hide.” Instead, it’s to make you feel more comfortable.

Statement pieces, like a white skirt or blazer, can draw attention away from your body and place it firmly on your clothes. 

Statement pieces are actually a great way to spice up your wardrobe in general and give you confidence. There’s nothing quite like a jacket that makes you feel like a million dollars, just waiting for you whenever you need it. 

Focus On Simple Tones

Simple tones might sound boring, but they can be an incredible way to divert attention and give you confidence around other people. 

The reason is simple. When you choose simple tones, you’re making yourself appear more professional. A gorgeous summer suit flatters all body shapes and sizes. What’s more, many tones, like tan, beige and grey, are naturally figure-enhancing. 

Buy More Tailored Clothes

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Tailored clothes can take your confidence up a notch because they fit so much better.

Not everyone has the same body shape. We all bulge out in different directions, and to different degrees. So it makes sense for our clothes to do the same, providing just the right cut for our figures. 

Tailoring clothes is super simple and you don’t have to get them specially made. Just buy the clothes you like from the store and then take them to a professional tailor for adjustment. All you have to do is provide your measurements and they’ll do the rest. You should end up with a garment that looks like it was made for you. 

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