How to make money from blogging

Have you started a blog and now are wondering how to make money from it? Or perhaps you want to have a side hustle for some extra income and would like to give blogging a go? Go for it! Blogging can be a great start in creating a portfolio of income generating assets. You can make some extra money while writing about topics you enjoy and meeting like-minded people – it’s a win, win! Of course, if you just started blogging, it will take you a while to be able to start earning some money from it, but don’t give up and you’ll get there!

Start selling your own products.

Website Design agency Advertising Lab, recommends selling products relevant to your blog and the topics you discuss. So, if you have a food blog perhaps you can start selling your own culinary books and virtual food classes or, if you have a DIY blog, you can create an online store to sell your crafts and much more.

The team at Ad Lab mentions that having an online store in your blog will not only increase traffic but it will also provide people with other ways to support you and your blogging endeavour. As a Google Certified Partner, Ad Lab recommends harnessing Google and using Google Shopping and other Google tools to promote your online shop and the products you offer. Google’s Skillshop offers free training and courses if you are looking to learn more about Google tools.

Affiliate marketing.

As this article on Don’t Cramp My Style says, “affiliate marketing is a great and easy way to earn passive income.” You can choose to be part of an affiliate programme, such as Amazon Associates, or partner with a certain company – the main thing to take from affiliate marketing is that you’d get a commission from sales of products that you’ve promoted using a special link.

Display ads.

The ads that follow you around are called display ads and these can make you earn a little bit of money. Plus, with Google AdSense the ads that show up on your blog will be relevant to your content and therefore, relevant to your audience.

Sell your blogging skills.

The Suburban Mum recommends selling the skills you’ve learnt by blogging, including managing social media, designing logos and much more. “There are plenty of companies and people who need an extra pair of hands with these tasks and many others!” So, add a “work with me” category on your menu and start promoting the skills you can offer others.

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