How to make your home entrance stand out

You’re walking home after your weekly grocery trip and notice that your home entrance is bleak. The paint is stripping from the door, the door hardware is old and rusty and your plants are barely surviving… it’s no longer the welcoming entrance you remember.

Maybe you’ve caught the redecoration bug and want to give your entrance a bit of an uplift. Either way, it’s time to give your entrance some much-needed attention. For extra tips and advice, I’ve partnered up with Ironmongery Experts, UK door handle supplier, who believe that small hardware details can have a great impact on the overall look of your entrance door – I think so too!

Update door hardware.

Therefore, door hardware is on the top of the list. You might not give door hardware much thought but when you go down the rabbit hole of door handles and door knockers, you won’t be able to choose your favourite. As Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum asks “who said that front door ironmongery has to be plain and boring?”. Far from it! Door ironmongery or door hardware comes in all sizes, shapes, designs and finishes to match your home’s architecture or to make your front door stand out from your neighbours.

Add colour into your entrance.

This blog post on Tantrums to Smiles recommends using colour to express your personality, whether it is by painting your front door or adding plants, flowers and ornaments to your entrance. You can probably look around your neighbourhood for some inspiration or perhaps to see what not to do if you want to stand out.

Guide the way.

A clearly marked and well-maintained path will guide your guests and visitors to the entrance of your home. Better Homes and Gardens suggest adding a large outdoor rug, in addition to your welcome mat, to give the front porch a more polished look

Keep it tidy.

Keeping your entrance clean and tidy is as important as giving it an uplift. If you are going through the trouble of renovating your front door, don’t forget to regularly wipe down dirt and get rid of cobwebs. You might have a lovely entrance but as this article on Clear Lifestyles mentions, a nice front door won’t impress anyone if it isn’t well kept.

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