Home Renovation: Our extention wishlist!

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Lockdown 3.0 might be dull and gloomy but we’ve taken our minds by doing some future home planning. We absolutely love our house but sometimes the space just doesn’t feel practical! We have a small kitchen and an even smaller conservatory which is used as a dining room. It’s a ridiculous space as it’s too small for 4 people to sit comfortably, too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. We just want to knock the conservatory down and start again!

Just before Christmas we had an architect over who was able to create some drawings of our home and start the planning for an extension and this week (via zoom!) we had a meeting to discuss the drawings and the next stages. Things are about to get exciting! We are hoping for a much bigger open plan kitchen diner space at the back with a living area too. It’ll be a lot of work and quite a bit of change, but I think it’ll be so worth it!

So, today I’ve put together my extension wishlist, these are all things I’d LOVE our new space to have:

A spacious kitchen with a kitchen island

The main goal for our new space is to be light and airy. I’d love to have a much bigger, practical kitchen with lots of worktop and cupboard space. I’d love some of those really clever cupboards, where little storage options pop out in super snazzy ways so the sides are kept clear and minimal. I’ve always said I’ll feel like I’ve ‘made it in life’ when I have a kitchen island, so that is on the wishlist too! I’d love a couple of bar stools to pull up to the island as a little breakfast bar too.

A cosy reading corner

As well as being a practical space, it would be lovely to have a cosy area with some comfy seating, a bookshelf, some fairy lights and maybe even a little teepee for the girls! Although I love wooden flooring, I think I’d use carpet in this space because it gives a comfortable and homely feel underfoot. I’ve already spotted a number of wool designs that seem like they would fit the bill.

Light and airy bifold doors

Ok, our room might not ever end up this big – but a girl can dream. You get the idea – I love the look of these huge, bright open doors that you can open right up in the summer for the ultimate open space. The girls love playing in the garden in warm weather so they’d be able to run between the two, it would be perfect. Our space now is so impractical as we have steep steps that often get slippery and are too big for toddlers, so it would work so much better with children.

Space for toy storage

With two toddlers I feel I’m SURROUNDED by toys, they are everywhere! It doesn’t matter how often I tidy up, they just keep coming back! Having some built-in storage for things like coats, shoes and toys would be perfect to keep the space looking really tidy. Although, what is the betting they still cover it in toys?!

A utility room

At the moment we have our washing machine in the kitchen and our tumble drier out in the garage, which isn’t practical at all. The washing machine is noisy and I can’t count the number of times the dry washing has been drenched bringing it in from the garage in the rain! A utility room isn’t the most exciting of rooms, but with an ever-growing laundry pile having a designated space would make it so much easier!

What would you like to add to your home?



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