Signs its time to upgrade your glasses

We all lead busy lives. So much so, it’s quite common for all those little errands and tasks to fall further down our long to-do lists. One of the most common basic responsibilities we often neglect is our vision or more specifically, updating our eyewear.

When was the last time you changed your frames and lenses? Optometrists recommend that we get our eyes tested every two years maximum, although you may need more frequent eye exams depending on your medical needs. It’s not always easy to find the time to get our vision checked and update our eyewear, so I’ve gathered together some reasons that may highlight your need for an eyewear update. Read on to find out more. 

You want to upgrade your lens technology

Are your current lenses meeting your requirements? More people than ever before are switching to transition lenses for the convenience and the practicality that comes with them. Transition glasses at optimise the amount of light that enters your eyes and help reduce the amount of glare and pressure your eyes are under. Blocking 100% of UV rays, transitional lenses respond to the levels of light around you, turning dark when you’re in bright conditions and clear when you return to normal light levels. Updating your eyewear means you can benefit from the latest in lens technology and enjoy all the style and comfort that comes with it. 

You’re suffering from frequent headaches

Are you noticing a sudden increase in the number of headaches you’re dealing with? Headaches can be caused by several factors, however, if you haven’t had your prescription checked for a while, then out of date eyewear could be the culprit. Tension in the eye muscles can cause unnecessary strain which in turn, means more headaches. Updating your prescription means you get to update your eyewear too! Eyebuydirect has a wide range of stunning styles to choose from. 

Your current glasses are damaged 

Glasses and modern life don’t always mix. Scratched lenses, crushed frames, special coatings wearing away, broken nose pads – your glasses go through a lot! If your frames are looking a little worse for wear, then updating them just makes sense! 

You want to update your style

Are you moving away from geek-chic and considering a boho twist? Or maybe you want your style to reflect your success and you’re looking for a pair of sleek and sophisticated frames. Whether you want to imitate your favourite celebrity or you want something that reflects your bright and bold personality, you can easily highlight your personal style with a beautiful pair of new frames. 

You have a new job

Are you spending more time in front of a screen these days? If your career has changed and you’re handling more digital devices or you’re spending increased time outdoors, then you could benefit from a frame and lens update. From sophisticated transition lenses that are great for driving and outdoor use to blue light blocking lenses that reduce blue light exposure from your digital devices. will have the perfect frames for you!


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