Top Tips on Ways to Express Your Creativity

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The creative industry grew during 2019, if it’s an industry that you would like to be part of then this post is for you! Whether you want to express your creativity during this global pandemic for yourself or whether you want to encourage their creativity, self-expression is about sharing your talents and expressing that creativity. It is a great way of showing off your personality and having some downtime in what can be a difficult time for many. So, if you want more than beauty boosts, then here are just some of the ways you can express your creativity now and in the future.


You can express your creativity by writing. This can be a novel, short stories, poems or simply starting a blog and writing about your daily life in a journal type way. There are many people who love to read about the lives of others, it’s a great way too of practicing your writing skills. 

Fashion Styling

If you enjoy fashion then get creative with your look and offer your services to others who are stuck in a fashion rut. Fashion is a great way of making people feel good about themselves and a great self expression tool.  


If you enjoy dancing, this is another great way of expressing yourself. There are a lot of free dance classes on YouTube, you could do this yourself or get your partner involved too. Dancing is also a great way of relieving the stresses of the day and helps improve your mental health and well-being.


Drawing, painting, or indeed tattooing is another great act of self expression. Deciding what you draw and how you draw it is a connection of how you are feeling. Even if you make the decision to get a tattoo, this is another outlet for self expression. Remember though that tattoos are permanent. If you are even considering becoming a tattooist, this again will give you a self expression outlet, remember though that you will need more than paints and a drawing pad. Tattooists have a wealth of equipment from a tattoo machine, to professional insurance. 

Singing/Playing an Instrument

A great way of expressing your creativity is through singing or indeed playing or learning to play an instrument. Music is a great way of lifting your mood. You could also decide to write your own songs too, combining writing with singing.


There are some people who need others to speak up for them. These could be people that don’t often have a voice in society such as the homeless. You could join a charity and offer your services to listen to and speak up for those that society does not often hear from.  

 These are just a few ways to self expression. Try and find out what you enjoy the most as an outlet for your self expression. It can be anything listed above or a combination of several of them. Remember it’s about you expressing yourself, everyone is unique so choose something that is unique to you.


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