Why Made to Order Can Make Your Home

It is, for most people, a fact that we have spent more time in our homes over the last 10 months than we ever thought we would. Sleep over and holidays have been pretty much non-existent and we have become very familiar with every nook and cranny of our homes. As a result, a lot of people are looking at interior design changes, extensions and renovation as well as moving to a new place entirely. But, with every change or move we look at buying new things from furniture to carpets and even total refits like bathrooms and kitchens. But what can we do to make our homes special, maybe a little different? Well, there is a growing trend to look less at fast furniture and interior products and more at something more long lasting and special.

Made to Order 

Before getting into the reasons made to order things can be great lets look at what it actually means. Made to order really is just anything you can buy that is made to your specifications. So, this can be as simple as ordering some curtains from a local shop where you choose the fabric and size. On the other end of the spectrum it might be something really substancial like a bespoke kitchen where a joiner literally creates all the cabinets to your exact requirements from the colour and finish to internal trays and drawers and even the thickness of the wood used. It really is a huge spectrum and as such can include most budgets. Not everyone is going to be able to get a made to order kitchen but most people will be able to dabble a little on something small. 


When trying to create a space at home you love and, when people are allowed to come in, others love too being unique is a key factor. Getting those little touches that are different can be the magic ingredient you really fall in love with. Made to order is a great way to do this. You could spend hours looking for a boutique store that sells something no one else has got…but if they make it in bulk someone else is going to have one. Also, no matter how cool the shop you find is, you are still choosing something that has been made for general use. Going for something unique that is made just for you means you have the only one and that can really make a difference. 


Made to order furniture is going to be cheap. But there are advantages which may not be instantly obvious. Firstly, choosing made to order furniture means it will be high quality. The likelihood of it being made from sustainable materials and in a smaller factory are higher and so the environmental impact should be less. Higher quality means longer lasting too. Cheap mass-produced furniture doesn’t last very long and ends up in landfill or recycling centres. While some of it does get recycled it still uses up energy to make and dispose of. Items that last a lifetime are far better and can be sold on when they are not needed. Choosing to spend more once may well save you money compared to spending less more often. There are lots of lovely companies in the UK creating things like made to order dining chairs, beds, libraries and more. It may be more initially, but the long-term impact is likely to be less on your wallet and the environment. 

Small But important

If furniture is just too much money, there are lots of other options. Things like blinds for a room can give it an amazingly unique feel and a great talking point. Even smaller items like lampshades can bring that zing to a room that will have visitors asking where its from. Being able to say it’s a one off is something most people would enjoy. 

Long term

It has already been mentioned that buying higher quality interior products means less energy use and less waste which can only be a good thing. As we move away from fast fashion so to should we think about moving away from fast furniture and other things for the home. Made to order may not be for everyone but it should be something everyone at least has a look at when they are changing up a room or house. Not only does it really help make a room and it is better for the environment and most things can be sold on so you may even get some money back.  


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