4 Tips for Better Postpartum Workout Results

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Life as a new mom isn’t that easy. You have baby duties to juggle, house chores to attend to, and personal responsibilities to tackle. Besides, life doesn’t stop just because you gave birth, right?

Getting into shape is among the top priorities for mothers as the extra weight, loose skin, and prevalent stretch marks prove stressful.

Unfortunately, the desire for instant gratification leads many moms to try crazy workout regimens that sometimes offer disappointing outcomes.

Here are four tips guaranteed to give you better postpartum workout results.

Talk to the Doctor

It’s perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable from all the baby weight you acquire during pregnancy. The temptation to progressively begin toning your body tends to take over in this time.

However, before you commit to any severe workout programs, seek professional advice from your doctor, who will recommend the best physical activities and, if need be, have a plastic surgery abroad to restore the loose skin effectively.

No matter your urgency, always schedule an appointment with a qualified physician who advises you on how long you have to wait before working out after birth.

Take It Slow

The excitement to begin working out after the doctor gives the green light is always evident. You can’t wait to hit the treadmill or start those early morning jogs.

While there’s no problem with such exercises, it is more helpful to start slow and build a rhythm from there. Remember, your body is still in a sort of fragile state, and as such, momentum is necessary.

Begin by doing simple activities like stretches, squats, and long walks to get your body going. A few weeks of doing this will help your body develop more stamina and allow you to create a balance in your schedule.

Pick the Right Exercises

Not all workouts will guarantee convincing results. Applying the correct efforts to the wrong activities always leaves you with undesirable results.

Instead, choose from a pool of useful exercises that will benefit your physical and mental stature. The most common forms of exercise include:

  • Walking
  • Diaphragmatic breathing (improves breathing)
  • Kegels (for pelvic strengthening)
  • Side plank leg lifts 

Find and Exercising Buddy

Although the hype during your initial workout days is always high, it is easy to lose morale along the way. When alone, exercising seems hard, and the motivation to keep going dwindles during your journey.

With a work out buddy you can:

Become Accountable

The thought that someone is counting on you helps you to be more accountable with your regimen. For example, you feel inclined to hit the gym when you know someone is waiting for you there.

A workout partner can be a friend, family, or close associate.

Have more Fun

When you have someone to cheer you and make you laugh when exercising, it boosts your overall mood and efficiency.

Access Variety

When exercising alone, it’s hard to come up with innovative ways of working out. Having a buddy allows you to break the monotony of repetitive tasks.

Although pregnancy brings undesirable side effects like weight gains and skin loosening, working out is a natural solution to such problems when done effectively.

Talk to your doctor, take it slow, find a buddy and pick the right exercises for the best postpartum workout results.



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