How To Buy The Right Stroller

The right stroller or pushchair can make a lot of difference in how easy your life is with a baby, whether you’re going to the park or running errands. Here’s how to use the stroller that makes the most sense for your family. 

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A stroller that is safe, reliable, and easy to use is a must-have. To find the best prams & strollers, ask yourself a few questions. 

Where Will You Use It?

Mid-range models can often be bulky, which isn’t ideal if you’re navigating narrow city streets. A smaller stroller might not work if you need a stroller basket that can carry your purse, diaper bag, and other essentials. Where will you be using your stroller?

Is It Newborn Friendly?

Some strollers have a deep recline or a bassinet mode, which means you can use them for your newborn from day one. Some models are only suitable for infants with some neck control or who can sit up nearly unsupported. You might need to attach a car seat or bassinet to make some models suitable for newborns. 

How Long Do You Plan To Use It?

Some models are more expensive, but if you get one that is adaptable from newborn to the toddler years, it could save you money in the long run. Do you plan to use the same stroller for several children? If you do, shop for long-term value and consider a model you can add onto, with a car sear, stand-and-ride bumper, or additional seat for a new baby. 

How Easy Is It To Use? 

Once you’ve done some research and narrowed down your choices, do a test drive in person so you can see how your shortlist compares. Remember that a flat floor in the store won’t compare to an uneven sidewalk. Can you steer it smoothly? Can you move it with one hand? How does it handle a tight turn?

How Easy Is It To Fold And Unfold?

You will often be holding the baby when you fold or unfold the stroller, so the easier it is the better. Many models claim to be one-hand fold, but try this before you buy. Not all one-handed folds are as easy as they claim to be. 

How Heavy Is It?

Lighter is better. Note the details, as some manufacturers will call a 25-pound stroller lightweight, while there are models that weigh only 12 pounds. If you live in the city, that can make a big difference when you’re carrying a baby, diaper bag, and stroller up staircases or onto the train. 

Do You Need More Than One?

Perhaps you’d prefer to have an umbrellas stroller for when you’re on the go and a full-sized model for busy days around your neighbourhood. For some families, one stroller won’t cover all the bases, no matter how well designed it is. If that’s the case, split your stroller budget rather than investing in just one. You might need a basic full-size model for home and a separate umbrella stroller for travel.

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