Improving indoor air quality with roof windows

As we spend most of our time indoors, it is essential to understand the significance of indoor air quality. Air quality directly impacts our health and home comfort. With proper ventilation, we can achieve optimal comfort inside our homes. Roof windows play a crucial role in keeping your house’s interior soothing and serene. 

Importance of indoor air quality

Climate change has now become a global phenomenon. It is directly impacting our outdoor as well as indoor environment.

Indoor air quality directly impacts our health, productivity, and performance. The majority of people tend to spend most of their time indoors; it holds true both for homes and workplaces. Our wellness depends on the quality of the air we breathe. If your living space is not adequately ventilated, chances are you might experience headaches, allergies, and irritation at some point. 

For some people, the risk of being affected by unhealthy indoor air may be greater than others. Some indoor pollutants can even cause long-term health complications. Clean air helps refresh your indoor environment and protect you from all kinds of environmental health hazards.  

Factors that affect your indoor air quality

Many factors affect the air quality inside our living places. Most notable among them are 

  • Pollens
  • Garden Pesticides
  • Vehicle Exhaust
  • Volatile Organic Compounds 

Nowadays, we can now use various devices to determine air quality. These devices help us track indoor air pollutants, temperature, and humidity.

Why should you choose roof windows?

When it comes to improving indoor air quality, we need to adopt innovative energy measures. It is possible to control indoor air pollution with the help of proper ventilation and filtration techniques. It is evident that energy-efficient and ventilated buildings have improved indoor air quality and positively impacted the outside environment. 

The addition of roof windows can be a game-changer. Roof windows not only improve ventilation but can enhance your house’s interior. Roof windows are designed to control the temperature and light intensity of your interior. Due to their innovative properties, roof windows keep the house warm in winters and cool in summers.

Home design matters 

The shape of a house, its orientation, and direction are important. If a house is built to minimise exposure to the sun in summers, both the heat gain and cooling demand can be decreased. However, in winters, your home needs more exposure to sunlight and heat – it should be designed in that way. 

While constructing a house or building, we need to make eco-friendly decisions. By implementing innovative strategies, we can make good use of natural resources like wind, heat, and light. Not only will these resources help in decreasing our energy demands, but they will also help mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

There’s more you can do!

We can also use air treatment devices to eliminate unwanted substances from indoor air.   

Make sure your air vents and ducts are clean. Moreover, keep a regular check on your AC’s ducts and make sure they are dust-free. These small steps can significantly improve your indoor air quality.

Leakages in doors and windows should be fixed because they can let air pollutants and dust occupy indoor air. 

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