Looking After your Home – Stuff We All Put Off

If lockdown has given us anything its time. Though for most parents dealing with home-schooling it may not always feel like it. However, once the school day is done and the weekend comes a lot of people are finding themselves with some time to get some odd jobs done. Those moments where the kids are watching something on Disney+ and the choice comes…do something round the house or grab a coffee and a book. There are always lots of things we can do now that we may be pleased about when restrictions are lifted so here are some ideas!

Get That Drain Sorted

Slow draining baths, showers and kitchen sinks are super annoying. They are also becoming more and more of a problem. 

According to Gavin Dimmock of The Drain Guys “because we are all at home so much more the pressure on our drains is huge. Stuff that may have taken years to block is now happening in a matter of months.”

If we leave drains and ignore them, they do tend to get worse. Even the amount of cooking we are doing at home is putting pressure on them, pasta water, oils and fats all going down the sink can cause issues. The recent cold snap may have brought things to a head. So when you have a few minutes, call someone to come and clear any blockages. This is one of those things that is best dealt with now before the hot weather where it can get a little gross!

Clear Out the Loft or Shed

These kinds of jobs are never fun, they are something we all put off. If might be clearing out old furniture, a spare room, loft, shed or just a general clear out round the house. What tends to put people off is going to the tip. There have been reports of massive queues at tips around Sussex and that’s not fun for anyone. However, it really is worth doing this kind of job while we are all stuck at home and there is another answer! Get someone to come and collect all the rubbish for you! Yes, it may cost a bit of money, but it is soooo worth it. Beware however, make sure you choose a reputable rubbish clearance company like Sussex company G&S Clearance. Getting it done now means your house will feel less cluttered while you are stuck indoors but also think of the visitors you may have later in the year! Maybe even have guests overnight! Now it’s the perfect time to clear out some space and recycle things you don’t need. 

Home Security

OK so this one is a little more serious, but it is a great time to consider how secure your home is. People have been at home so much that burglary rates have dropped. This is great news but as we move back out of all this, we may see an increase. You may have been lucky enough o save a little bit of money over the last few months too, so it is a great time to think about this stuff. Look for a nice local security company to speak to and see what they suggest. You do not need to spend a fortune and it can really give some peace of mind. Some of us may not have been away for nearly 2 years by the time holidays come back, knowing your home is safe when you do is important. 


Another job that isn’t fun but such a good idea to do if you can. We have all seen far too much of the insides of our homes so it’s the perfect time to give some rooms a refresh as restrictions start to ease. Quite often a lick of paint in the kids’ rooms can really help cheer up a child who may be struggling at the moment. Once again, think of having visitors again one day! It will be fun when it is safe and having a new look around the home will really make it special. You can certainly paint rooms yourself so its something easy to do if you are shielding or simply not comfortable having any trades people in your home and you can order paints online

We may not feel very constructive at the moment but getting some rooms cleared, nagging things fixed like blocked drains, getting a nice new alarm and painting some rooms can all add up to a nice refresh ready for a positive end to 2021!!!

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