Top Tips For Marketing Your Small Business

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Did you know that according to research, 47% of small business owners handle marketing efforts by themselves? It shows the importance of marketing your business; however, there are so many other channels to use to market your business as an entrepreneur. These different methods come in the form of external assistance, and they work. Below are a few of such marketing strategies.

Encourage your pleased customers to share their experiences

A great way to market your business is by encouraging your satisfied and happy customers to post or share their reviews concerning your products or services online. They can do so on social media or review sites, so others get to know about the services you offer and the quality of your services. People are more likely to purchase from you when they see their trusted friends talk about your business on social media.

Your customers can also post photos of your products on social media and tag your business social media accounts. Therefore, try to make sure that your business’ social media handles are made available to your customers – especially those who may patronize your services physically.

Try out influencer marketing

You can consider looking out for an individual with a high social media following and reach out to them for help. Such a person may either be considered an expert in your business field or be someone with a huge fan base and trusted by their fans. Upon contacting such individuals, find out if they are willing to share their experience with your product or service on social media.

The fastest and most reliable method for finding Instagram influencers for your brand is using influencer marketing platforms that allow you to filter all the required qualities and find the best influencer for your campaign. Depending on the company size you can work with influencers with different amounts of followers. Working with nano influencers will be a great idea for small businesses as they can not allocate huge money for their marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, international brands can benefit while working with macro influencers and increase their brand awareness all over the world.

If they’ve never had an experience with your product, you can consider giving them the opportunity to experience it for free so that they can share their views. When such people share reviews of your products or services on their social media pages, their fans quickly pick up the review and choose to try it out. It is because fans consider such people as experts, and they trust their preferences and recommendations.

If you do not find such volunteers, you can consider hiring professional influencers to get the job done. You can discover such brand influencers at

Use SEO to better your Google search ranking

It has been found that Google uses some factors to determine which content to show at the top of search results. Some of these factors are relevant keywords and where you place them on your website, content length, quality of your content, the speed at which your page loads, and how regularly you update your page content. Google uses these factors and many more to sort out results because it seeks to offer its users the most relevant results.

If you want your business webpage to be appearing in top results, you may need to consider learning how to use SEO. Learning about Search Engine Optimization will help you know exactly what to do to put your business on the top charts. You may also want to consider hiring an SEO expert from a Digital Agency to assist you.


The above tips are but a few of the numerous marketing strategies available to try out for your small business. Do not hesitate to explore the many available strategies to see and know what works best for you. Also, try to continually educate yourself as new methods keep popping up over time.

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