Why you’ll Never Lock Back once you Invest in Cashmere Clothes


Arguably the most cherished wool, Cashmere has an air of luxury and class. Not only the unique features, but also the history of this premium wool means that cashmere textiles have been prized for centuries and continue to be popular today.

Softness, delicacy, and prestige are the features that make cashmere arguably the best type of wool in the world. The high price of the cashmere luxury wool is understandable however it does not hurt when you consider the long list of its benefits. 

What is Cashmere? 

Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from a certain species of goat that is native to the highlands of Tibet (Himalayas) and Mongolia. This special yarn is the product of the undercoat of Capra Hircus aka Cashmere or Pashmina goat. It lives at the height of over 4000 feet where the temperature can fall as low as -20oC. The long hair of the goat has a delicate coating under the hair to protect the animal in this freezing climate. 

Due to the remoteness and harshness of this region, sourcing Cashmere wool is challenging and laborious. However, the quality of the cashmere wool can vary depending on the blend and processing techniques. 

What is the Origin of Cashmere Wool? 

Cashmere wool was first processed in Kashmir, the region that is subject to a longstanding border dispute between Pakistan and India. Over time, the people of Tibet and Ladakh took the lead to become the places best known for processing top-quality cashmere wool. 

During the 13th Century, Marco Polo was the first historian to document the domestication of the Cashmere goat by the people of Mongolia. The first evidence of the trade in Cashmere wool comes from the late 18th Century. 

Cashmere shawls from Kashmir first impressed the French aristocracy and then became the darling of the Western upper class by the 19th Century. Today, cashmere socks, jumpers, sweaters, and cardigans remain extremely popular. 

Advantages of Cashmere Clothes 

Cashmere clothes are famous for their comfort and comparative weightlessness. This versatile textile is remarkably adaptable to temperature since this wool has a relatively higher moisture content. Let’s take a look at the considerable advantages of cashmere clothes.

  • No Wrinkles and Fading 

Cashmere is highly durable and won’t fade over time, as well as being resistant to wrinkles. This is because the texture of this wool is soft enough to resist creases or wrinkles. High-quality cashmere clothes will last the test of time if you look after them properly.

  • Super Warm 

Cashmere wool makes up the undercoat of the Pashmina goat to help it survive a freezing environment for six months a year. At the same time, the textile is processed in such a way that it maintains plenty of airflow, allowing it to breathe. Cashmere’s natural insulating qualities allows the wearer to stay dry and comfortable in all weathers and conditions.

  • Super Soft

Not only is cashmere wool extremely warm, it is incredibly soft. This wool specifically comes from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, which features very fine hairs that can be woven into textiles that are softer than butter.

  • Gift from Nature 

Synthetic materials come with a number of drawbacks, while organic materials are perfectly designed by nature. Cashmere wool is as close to nature as you can get since quality cashmere continues to be processed in ways inspired by authentic, ancient techniques. In a comfortable cashmere garment, you’ll be wrapped in a gift from nature. 

  • Best for Travelling 

Cashmere clothes are lightweight, and therefore portable: an ideal choice to take with you when you travel. This textile is also thinner than most warm garments, so won’t take up too much space in your luggage. Additionally, because they are unlikely to wrinkle or crease you’ll be able to take your cashmere clothes and accessories straight out of your suitcase and wear them without worrying about having to iron them and you’ll be ready for any occaison. 

  • The Year-Round Winner 

Cashmere keeps you cozy during the winter months being breathable enough to be comfy in warmer weather. So even if cashmere clothes are more expensive than most, you’ll get more wear out of them as you can wear them all year. 

  • Always in Fashion 

The Western elite have loved Cashmere clothes ever since they reached Europe from Kashmir via the famous Silk Route. The class, prestige, and quality, all combine to make Cashmere one of the most stunning fabrics that is suitable for a range of situations, from casual to formal events. 

Delicate Cashmere wool is stylish and it carries immense aesthetic appeal now more than ever, with modern techniques making it possible to be made in various styles and shades. However, always be sure to follow the care instructions from the manufacturer. With a little care, your Cashmere clothes will be with you for years or even decades.

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