4 Accessories You Should Wear As A Wedding Guest

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Being invited to a loved one’s special day is such an honour. Weddings are an elegant occasion that allows two people who love each other to announce their lifetime decision to stay committed to each other. And, you would want to dress the part. You may have the perfect wedding outfit planned out, but what about the essential accessories? An outfit is never complete without a great set of matching accessories. So, are you planning what accessories you can wear as a wedding guest? Here are four you should consider. 

  • Outstanding head accessories

Now, regarding what you can do to your head, you can add some elegance to your outfit by wearing a beautiful fascinator or wedding hat. The cool part about this accessory is that you can design and make one on your own. You will need a little practice from following YouTube tutorials and some supplies for making millinery hats, and you are good to go. You can also choose to beautify your hair with faux pearl-embellished hair clips, a pearl cluster headband, a chunky satin Alice band, or a beaded satin headband. 

  • Dazzling jewellery    

How can we talk about accessories and not mention jewellery? Necklaces and earrings are the everyday accoutrements to completing the perfect outfit. However, it seems for weddings the new trend is- the more significant and bolder, the better. Glam up your outfit with a pair of loop and beaded chain drop earrings, or add to your faux pearl look with a pair of faux pearl dangle earrings. You can also dress your neckline with a beautiful chain choker necklace and get a beautiful rose gold statement ring to finish it all up!

  • Cute handbags

It’s a wedding, and you wouldn’t have to worry about packing a lot of things in your bag. Therefore, a cute, small, decorative handbag or clutch would do just the trick. You can add a simple yet colourful foldable clutch bag or, perhaps, go for something more stylish like a sequin ring handle pouch. This season, beaded pearl bags have been the trend, and weddings offer an opportune time to rock them. Your cute handbags would definitely make your outfit pop with class and make for a great conversation starter with other guests.

  • Comfortable yet stylish shoes

When it comes to picking out your shoes, it depends on what your style is. You would want to go for an option you are comfortable wearing for the duration of the event. You won’t be making a bad choice if you go for a pair of blocked-heeled shoes that complement your outfit. Simple strap-heeled leather sandals are also a great choice as they present more comfort and style too. Shoes in metallic, black, white, and nudes are usually fit for any outfit.

Accessories are a great way of spicing up an outfit without breaking the bank. These five ideas are bound to give your wedding guest outfit all the elegance and style it needs! 


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