5 Things To Know About Cruising Before You Book

Going for a cruise is something that is on almost everybody’s bucket list. To sail the high seas and be surrounded by luxury, dressed in your best, who wouldn’t want that? It’s something that we would all like to experience at least once in our lifetime. However all is not well. There are some things you need to know about cruising before you book your spot. You’ve probably heard about the Titanic, and more recently in the news, the Costacondordia. With these events in mind, you’ll want to take the right precautions.

Man overboard!

So what happens if you fall overboard? Well, usually, there will be crewmates who are spotting any signs of undue activity around the ship. There is a good chance that they will spot you. However, there have been many incidences whereby a person who may have been drunk, tripped or was pushed overboard, was not detected. So always keep a man overboard alarm (MOB). 

Leisure injuries

Cruise ships are not like ocean liners. The latter are designed to brave the waves and even then, they slosh around from time to time. For cruise ships it’s even worse. So when you are in a swimming pool or going down the slide while on a cruise ship, you could get hurt. If the ship violently and without warning, sloshes from side to side, it’s easy to get injured. Don’t expect a cruise line to help you out either, which is why it’s a good idea to use the toughest criminal defense attorneys in town to fight for compensation. With a good legal team will build a case and see if proper warning was not given, staff weren’t close by to help and there may not have been warning signs put up either.

The doctor

What’s usually the case on cruise ships is, there is one or maybe two doctors. They usually carry about 3 or 4 nurses too. When you are on a ship, filled with 3-4000 passengers and 1-2000 crew, you can see that you might not be given excellent treatment all the time. So you should bring your own first aid kit, along with simple things like painkillers, ocean sickness tablets, fever or infection tablets as well. 

Starry nights

When you are out in the middle of the ocean, you will be surrounded by the stars at night. It’s going to be a great sight, one which you may never see again. It’s a good idea to learn how to take pictures of the sky at night, before you go. This way you can capture the stars properly in a very low light environment. 

Sea chills

As mentioned, it’s going to be clear nights while out on cruise. This also means it’s going to be very chili. It’s common for the ocean nights to be below freezing, even during spring and summer. So wrap up warm with a woolen throw or a thick overcoat. Don’t forget to pack this!

Cruising is a beautiful adventure. Seeing the true power of the waves firsthand is unforgettable. But remember it’s not always plain sailing, these things can happen to you and ruin the trip.

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