Are Mugs Of Coffee Okay To Share With Your Dachshund?

Dachshund parents (all dog parents) love their fur babies with such an unconditional, pure kind of love. It’s a friendship, a bond that lasts beyond their lifetime. Most families want to share everything with their doxie, including human food, drinks, snacks, but not everything is good for the pup – like drinking from the pet parents mug.

While you’ll likely have a few favorite coffee mugs for dachshund lovers and enjoy your morning brew with your pal on your lap in the morning, those little puppy dog eyes should not be a temptation to share the caffeine. Before you indulge your lovely pooch in coffee or any human goodies, it’s critical to educate on the effects it will have on the dog. Let’s look at caffeine and this favorite breed.

Can The Dachshund Drink Coffee?

Without hesitation and meant with certainty, please do not give this or any breed coffee from the mug that has their likeness on it – ever. A puppy will naturally beg for a taste of what you’re enjoying. It’s your responsibility to learn what’s safe from what’s harmful. While caffeine for a human boasts health benefits, the compound is toxic for the canine.

When a pup experiences poisoning, the effects are severe, involving the nervous system and their hearts. It only takes a minimal amount for symptoms to develop depending on the dog’s size. At high levels, the substance can prove life-threatening.

A dachshund is a curious creature and will be prone to get into things like coffee mugs left unattended though he’s not supposed to. That means you need to keep the cup out of reach as well as packages of coffee beans or anything with caffeine to avoid the potential for him tearing into the wrapping or knocking the cup over and consuming the contents. 

If you believe your dox has inadvertently gotten into a caffeinated product, see the animal’s regular vet, particularly if you’re noticing signs like irregular heart rhythm or an increase in blood pressure.

Effects Of Coffee On Your Dachshund

Pet parents like to share with their animals from the table. Find out foods you should avoid sharing with a dachshund at When sitting with a nice warm coffee mug with the doxie’s face on it each morning while he’s by your side might tempt you to let him have a sip. But are you fully aware of the effects that doing so might have on the little guy?

An animal of any kind, but particularly dogs and cats, ingesting caffeine from coffee cups will display signs of poisoning as soon as half an hour after consumption. These symptoms can include:

  • Vomiting
  • Hyper
  • Agitation
  • Excessive panting
  • Restless

When the intensity of the poisoning increases, the animal might experience tremors or seizure. According to vets, it’s not often that they see caffeine poisoning cases, particularly due to coffee intake. 

The more prevalent is chocolate poisoning. Pet parents assume “a little won’t hurt.” A lethal dose of caffeine for a companion pet like a dox is (quote) “150 mg/kg body weight.” A standard mug of coffee equates to 100 mg. 

Claims indicate there is no toxicity antidote once poisoning takes place from caffeine. If a dog consumes coffee beans, he will be ingesting substantial levels of the substance resulting in life-threatening circumstances.

Please understand that even the addition of creamers or milk, or other additives won’t detract from the caffeine intake and increase health issues with gastro involvement. The idea is to keep coffee, caffeine, chocolate away from your companion pets – all of it.

Final Thought

Before giving your beloved dachshund anything human, research the item to see what effects it might induce. If you have a snack in the afternoon or a mug of coffee in the morning, make a little dog set up for puppy so you can enjoy the special moments together. (Visit here to see the latest dachshund café.)

Doxie doesn’t have to be left to beg for yours if he has his own. The pet line of products on the market offers the nutrients the pup needs on an average everyday basis for overall wellness. 

Still, everyone wants to sneak a sad-eyed puppy a bite of something every so often. In reality, some items are okay in moderation. But please educate on what those are before you share. Most essential is keeping your doxie healthy and happy for as long as you can.


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