Magna-tiles review and giveaway

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One of the things I love watching is the girl’s imaginations developing. Violet especially has a wild imagination and can make up stories, magical worlds and characters, often getting lost in her own thoughts and games. I felt like Magna-Tiles would be the perfect toy to accompany her vivid imagination and use her creativity. (Keep reading as I’ve got a set to giveaway too!)

Magna-Tiles are vibrant and versatile coloured magnetic building tiles. They are brilliant as they give little ones a head start in learning colours, shapes, as well as solving simple maths problems and building techniques too. Magna-Tiles aslo teach them to use their spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and encourages engineering skills from an early age – they truly are a learning toy, yet so fun to play with – to be honest, I’ve quite enjoyed building with them too!

We tried the 32 piece set which has a good selection of shapes and colours to get us started!

Violet immediately started putting different shapes together. The magnets on the tiles are strong and hold the pieces together sturdily, she soon got the hang of how to build with her Magna-Tiles without having to be shown. The pieces are well constructed, smooth to touch and the pieces are just the right size for little hands.

Our first structure was a rocket – which Violet then built a platform around it for the astronauts to board their ship. We role-played a lift off of the rocket and the pieces were so securely together it all held in one piece as Violet took it right up into the air!

Violet then wanted to build a fairy tale castle, so we knocked it all down and started again!

We started putting together our castle, you can see on her face how proud she was of it! We added more details like turrets, doors and windows using the Magna-tiles, before Violet added some dollies as ‘princesses’ inside too.

We’ve really enjoyed playing with our Magna-Tiles, I’ve enjoyed seeing what Violet can come up with and just love seeing her creativity flow!

Now for the exciting part – if you head over to my Instagram, I’ve got a set to giveaway!

The 32-piece Magna-Tiles set is priced at £34.99 and can be ordered online or in store at Smyths.

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