Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For the Cost Conscious Covid-19 Chef

The Covid-19 pandemic hit everybody hard and locked everyone indoors. Naturally, so much free time and so little things to do will have people exploring and trying out something they always wanted to, things they never wanted to, or things that could just be done around the house. You can see the same behavior in bored children! But we’re adults. There won’t be wanton destruction or random hijinks.

We’ll be cooking instead.

But like any pro chef (yes, we are calling ourselves professional chefs), one needs to have the proper tools and equipment. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to kill boredom or work on a hobby; you need them too. You definitely require it to be efficient and successful. But you also don’t have to break your back to get these gadgets. Here is a list of items you should get that are absolutely important (the basic necessities) and pocket-friendly. You probably already have some, but not all. Some people might have all of these items but may need to switch them out.

A Clean Cast Iron Pan

A clean cast iron pan is a must-have for any chef. Recall that cast iron skillets are really versatile and very important to have. You can use an iron cast skillet for a long time as long as you take care of it. Just make sure you clean it properly, and you don’t put it in the dishwasher, and you are good. While these pans require more care, they are healthy and do a wonderful job of helping you create quality food.

Spoons Are A Necessity

Spoons. Yes, Spoons. Spoons are as crucial as any other item in the kitchen. They are used for stirring, scooping, serving, and eating. Recall that there are several different kinds of spoons for several different uses too. There’s the mixing spoon, teaspoons, stirring spoons, ladles, grapefruit spoons, and more. You don’t need all of them, so we won’t list all of them. Spoons are essential when cooking (and eating too). Your spoons can be wooden or metallic or maybe even silicone material. It doesn’t really matter at this level as long as it gets the job done.

General Pots and Pans 

You can’t make those delicious meals without having a pot to cook them in, and the wrong one could ruin the food if it is too big or too small. Or if it is too light or too thin. You should select your post depending on what you’re going to be cooking more. 

The types and sizes of meals matter when selecting pots. But to start, you don’t need more than one pot in each size (large, medium, small) and will only require two cast iron skillets (large and small). 

The skillets are very important because they’re essentially multi-purpose and can cook almost anything. Their heat emissions are high because of the materials they are made with and their surface area. They’re also quite long-lasting.

Knives and Boards Will Be Useful

Good knives and very strong boards are a staple in every kitchen. From fruits to vegetables, to meats and fish and cutting portions into and out of cooked foods, knives and boards are critically important. You should, however, note that your boards must be one hundred percent clean at all times. Actually, everything in your kitchen should be spick and span. 

The slightest residue on your boards (and any other kitchen object) can and probably will change the taste, color, and longevity of food. Keep your boards and surfaces clean at all times. One of every knife type should do, as long as you keep them clean and sharp and use them appropriately.

Blenders and Storage Facilities

A blender takes everything you put inside it and cuts it up, and keeps cutting till everything is a smooth paste and almost entirely liquid and ready for you to use to cook. 

Use it to season, to flavor, to stew, to boil, and to do whatever magic you are capable of doing with it. The other appliance sits there and freezes everything you put inside it. 

It is one of the best ways of preserving raw and cooked foods alike. With freezers and refrigeration units in your kitchen, you hardly ever have to worry about leftovers. Experts would certainly recommend these options for the best results.

These are a few of the best cost-effective items to have to start on your cooking journey.


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