3 reasons to try CBD oil

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always suffered from bad sleep and insomnia. Often I struggle to fall asleep and will be awake most of the night, meaning the following day is stressful and tiring. Someone recommended I tried CBD Oil, but at first, I was put off. “Isn’t it illegal?” I thought. I did some research and found out all about it, did a LOT of research and gave it a go. Since then I’ve been sleeping better and feeling some of the other benefits too. It can do SO much more than just help your sleep!

Firstly, what exactly is CBD? CBD is short for cannabidiol – this is a compound derived from the hemp plant. This shouldn’t be confused with marijuana that some people smoke, CBD oil is legal and contains very little to none of the ‘psychoactive’ compound THC (which is the part that is illegal).

So, in today’s post I wanted to tell you all about why I use CBD oil. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

1. CBD helps with sleep and anxiety.

Firstly, the reason I use Cibdol CBD – it’s mainly for stress relief and sleep. Studies have shown it’s been to help people with anxiety, sleep problems and even with public speaking. You can adjust the dose to your needs and see what works for you. I take a couple of drops under the tongue at bedtime and I fall asleep so much easier and quicker. I have a better nights sleep and don’t wake up groggy in the mornings.

2. It promotes postworkout recovery and pain relief

This is a benefit that also really helps me – CBD has been shown in studies to be an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant, so it may help with muscle stiffness after exercise. Many people also take CBD if they suffer from long-term illnesses and conditions. Its anti-inflammatory properties helping with all kinds of aches and pains.

3. You’ll have amazing, glowing skin too!

I’ve also used CBD in skincare form. Again, it’s the anti-inflammatory properties that really help calm and soothe the skin. It can really help with things like psoriasis and clearing up acne by reducing oil production and calming irritation. You can get all kinds of products, such as moisturiser, serums, eye creams, body creams and lip balms.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, CBD has so many amazing uses! Have you tried it yet?

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