Floately Airsai Floating Plant Pot Review – My Levitating Plant!

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One of my latest lockdown hobbies has been gardening (as you can see from the books on my bedside table!) I’ve found growing seeds and plants and pottering in the garden has given me a sense of calm like no other, so it’s become quite a fascination. This not only covers outdoor plants but indoor houseplants too. I’ve really enjoyed bringing more plants into the house, I feel like they give off such a beautiful energy in the home. It’s known that plants lower carbon dioxide and add oxygen to our environment, but I truly believe they bring such a positive and calming vibe too.

Especially my new plant in the Floately Airsai – my levitating plant pot! How amazing is that? This funky plant pot hovers around 2cm above the plinth below, spinning round to give the plant even light and space to grow, as well as looking magical too.

Let me tell you more about how it works…

The Floately Airsai works by magnetic levitation, which will hold the pot in the air around 1-2cm from the base, as well as spinning the pot 360 degrees giving it even sunlight to grow strong, healthily and evenly – this is absolutely fascinating and looks magical! I almost didn’t expect it to work when I first got it and had to double-take myself!  It’s certainly an eye-catching piece to have in any home and children especially will be in awe!

Floately offer four different types of plant pots. I chose Style 2, which is a geometric white pot with an oak coloured square plinth below. I loved this style as I’m a sucker for anything geometric!

The other styles are gorgeous too, with bamboo coloured round pot or a darker wood colour. There is a pot to suit all tastes. The pots are all plastic with wood effect, but I don’t think this is too noticeable.

When your Floately Airsai arrives, you need to choose a plant to pot. The little pot is quite tiny and I soon realised the spider plant I’ve chosen will need to be repotted very quickly as they grow so fast. Next time I’ll choose something a bit smaller like a succulent or cactus, which requires less watering too (as the drainage holes in the bottom are also tiny too). Anyway, for the time being, it looks amazing, so I’ll enjoy it for now but it’s something to consider if you are just starting out.

Getting my Airsai to actually levitate was the next challenge! You plug the base in and soon you’ll feel it has a very strong magnetic pull. The first few times my pot clonked down onto the plinth with a large CLUNK and was stuck firm to the magnet. Fail! I then carefully hovered the pot over the very centre of the pot and carefully pulled my hands away and it floated!! It’s such a strange feeling, you can feel an invisible pull holding the plant. You can then spin it gently in mid-air, or let it gently spin using the magnetic powers.

Honestly, it looks MAGICAL – it doesn’t look real!


The Floately Airsai is utterly fascinating and adds such a calming, relaxing vibe to your home. You can order the Floately Airsai from the website, priced at $125 (this works out to be around £90.82) with free shipping.

I’ve popped a video of the pot spinning on Instagram, what do you think? 


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