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Everyone, especially women, adores flowers. Among the most romantic gestures is bringing flowers to a wife, whether for an occasion or just because. The ideal scenario would be for a mate to arrive at their spouse’s place of employment to hand-deliver a batch personally. 

That’s old-school romance at its finest. Go here for suggestions on giving romantic gestures.

Soon-to-be wives have flowers in the spotlight at their weddings, while partners will line a path with rose petals directly to a romantic and intimate anniversary surprise. 

Any milestone, special occasion, or dream-come-true for the woman in a partner’s life is marked by the most romantic (and they’re preferred) blooms. Men have even been romanced and had love professed by their one true love with a full, fabulous bouquet of lovely buds. 

But did you know that specific flowers carry different meanings? When you send a bunch with the intention of a sweet gesture, you’re also sending a message, but is it romantic? 

Let’s check out what you might genuinely say to your beloved wife when you send her favorite flower.

Are Those Flowers You Sent Actually Conveying A Romantic Message To Your Wife

For millions of years, flowers have been bred for their beauty, colors, and fragrance. The petals, especially those of roses, have been used commonly, still today, in medicine, beauty products, and to mark special occasions. Visit here for guidance on selecting the ideal gift.

Prevalently, people cut flowers to present to the ones they love to symbolize their deep affection and commitment.

The lovely blooms are often a romantic gesture from a mate to a wife. These partners might not be aware that flowers carry varied meanings, not all of which are necessarily romantic. 

The message you might be conveying to an adoring wife could be something other than what you intend. Check out the actual meanings behind a few favorite flowers.

  • Roses

  1. The classic and traditional red rose is associated with passion and love, the epitome of romance, and a fan favorite on Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to express deep affection.
  2. A white rose is often used at weddings. It too can be associated with romance but is also used to memorialize a death. The flower has become associated with “remembrance, spirituality, and reverence.”
  3. When sending a yellow rose tradition with this flower from times past (quote) “implied infidelity and jealousy associated with this color.” (end quote) Today when you give someone a yellow bud, you ask for friendship instead of implying romance. These mean to wish someone well or boost someone’s spirits.
  4. Blue roses are ideal for the secret admirer who wants to divulge their desires. If you want to add a bit of spark or mystery to your marriage, you’ll need to hunt these down. The flower is associated with “unattainable love and mystery” because the “genetic limitations” cease their natural existence. 
  • The lily

In Roman times these fragrant flowers were incorporated as quilt and pillow stuffings due to the pleasant scent. The suggestion is that the fragrance then became associated with love in those times. 

Today because these symbolize the purity of the Virgin Mary, the association for the white flower is one of virtue and innocence. At the same time, the Peruvian variety boasts an association with devotion and friendship.

The Peruvian is often used as the flower for a 30th wedding anniversary, while the white variety is used in conjunction with the 2nd wedding anniversary.

You will also recognize that lilies are most often seen in a funeral setting, with the symbolism being that of the departed’s soul finding “peace and a return to innocence.”

  • Carnations

These are ideal for a wife on the first anniversary or for anyone celebrating a January birthday. It is a flower meant to express great love, although there are a myriad of colors with this species as well. Still, the flower is ideal for a romantic bouquet in any color.

  • Tulips

The meaning behind tulip is typically “perfect love.” These are lovely, thoughtful, and romantic gestures for a wife’s gift. The flower can be used for virtually any occasion, or there doesn’t need to be one. You can easily plant bulbs in your garden and cut these to produce your own abundance.

Final Thought

Flowers are a romantic gift for your wife, among the most romantic a mate can give. Regardless of what meaning the ancients attached to the blooms millions of years ago or what the association is today, what’s authentic is the intention when gifting them.

Most of us have a favorite flower due to its appearance, color, shape, size, and style. Few people study what can be varying opinions on potential messages. The idea is to give freely, often, for no particular reason, with the notion of being as romantic as possible with the woman you love. 

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