5 reasons playing outside is important for children

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As a family, we spend a HUGE amount of time outdoors, unless it’s torrential rain most of our day will be outdoors. Whether that’s the beach, the park or time in our back garden, if there is sunshine and fresh air – we are there.

We love being outdoors so much we’ve made it a priority this year to completely renovate our garden. We’ve recently added our new climbing frame (which I’ve written a huge post on here), planted a vegetable patch and have been planting lots of gorgeous plants and flowers to brighten it up too. I’m hoping that come the summer, it will be such a beautiful space we can be in every day!

Not only is being outside uplifting and such a mood boost, but did you know there are lots of benefits for children too?  In today’s post I wanted to share a few reasons it’s great to get children to play outside. You don’t need your own garden for this – any outdoor space will do!

Great exercise and stay healthy!

Getting outside every day is such a great way to exercise. Children should exercise at least an hour a day, so playing outside is perfect for this. Whether it’s running about, kicking balls, scaling a climbing frame for kids or riding a bike – keeping active keeps children’s bodies healthy. It also teaches them healthy habits which they will take into adulthood.

Exposure to sunlight helps ensure that kids get enough vitamin D, affecting numerous health issues, including bone growth, muscle function as well as helping to regulate sleep cycles.

Gross motor skills and sensory development

Playing outside is so important as it gives children plenty to learn and explore. Children can embrace the freedom and space the outdoors gives them to shout, jump, run around, hop and skip, as well as hands-on learning about the physical forces and concepts. Being outside is an exciting sensory experience for babies and toddlers. Plus, they can also work on their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills too.

There is so much to learn about outside, from how to plant a seed, the seasons, the weather, the landscape to how to climb a tree. The possibilities are endless.

Take Risks

Playing outside allows little ones to take more risks, which is actually a really important part of development. I know it makes you feel anxious as it’s natural for every parent to want their child to be safe, but teaching them to take their own risks is so important. It teaches them to be brave and to problem solve. This in turn will help them overcome fears and grow in confidence. Yes, they might fall or they may bump their knee, but that is all part of learning. If we don’t fail, how do we learn?


Being outside allows children’s imaginations run wild. My girls love to pretend they are pirates, sailing the merry seas in their huge pirate ship. They also love creating fairy gardens and running around being princesses! You never know what they’ll come up with next. Being outside encourages that free-flow play that encourages both the mind and the body!

Getting in touch with nature

By spending a lot of time outside you can teach your little one to connect and respect their natural habitat. Teaching children to plant seeds, care for animals and to look after their environment will encourage them to take these skills into adulthood too.

Do you love playing outside with your children too? 


Post in collaboration with Fatmoose

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