Must-Have Summer Clothing Items For Newborns

As the Summer months begin to approach, taking the time to organise your precious newborns wardrobe is incredibly important.

Stepping away from the adorable designs and prints (Just for now!) Taking the time to find the right products that will effectively protect your little one from the sunlight and rising temperatures is something that cannot be prepared for too far in advance.

What To Look For In Your Clothing Items

Purchasing for little ones in the Summer can be slightly complicated, as you have to consider the temperature, alongside providing them with efficient sun protection.When considering what items you need to pick and choose, dressing them in more breathable fabrics and materials is a fantastic start. The clothing items can be breathable in terms of looseness, or the fabric of the clothing.

Alongside breathable clothing items, muslins are amazing as the breathable fabric helps them stay protected, whilst reducing the risk of becoming too hot. Plus, in UK climates, the later evening/night time the temperatures can drop, so a muslin can work perfectly to provide that extra layer of warmth and comfort.

These options above are suited for both on your travels and within the comfort of your own home. But whilst you are in your home, you can even consider less layers for your newborn if you have a good, constant temperature in the room. 

Even considering minimal/no layers means your little one’s skin has a chance to breathe during the warmer, more humid climates we regularly have in the UK – But ensuring you monitor their temperature is a must.

Now, let’s take a look at some clothing items you can add to your newborns Summer wardrobe.

All-In-One Vests

Vest are fantastic as they provide the underlayer your newborn needs, but can also work as its own layer if temperatures become too hot.

Breathable all in one vests help your newborns effectively cool down as their legs and arms are away from any layers, but if you find the temperatures soar too high, or drop, then you can easily add the layers back on.

If you are also struggling with what options would work best for nighttime, all in one vests on their own, or a vest and muslin can work hand in hand to effectively cover up your newborn, without the worry of them overheating, as these breathable options work together for ultimate protection.

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No matter if you are a newborn, or a parent – Hats are always a Summer essential!

Not only are newborn hat designs incredibly adorable, but they are vital to have, as they help effectively keep your newborn’s face protected from any direct sunlight.

At times, especially if you are on your travels, keeping your little ones fully away from the sunlight can be difficult, but with effective layering and a hat at hand, you can easily keep them away from the heat rays. Hats also help to protect their eyes, and avoid squinting and discomfort they may have if the sun were to be near their face.

Shorts/Skirts & T-Shirts

What clothing would you run for when the temperatures soar? A flowing t-shirt and a comfortable pair of shorts.

When dressing your newborn, simply think about how you would be comfortably dressed yourself. If you feel comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt, then there is a high chance that your baby will be too. 

Both pieces work hand in hand to provide the right amount of skin protection, whilst leaving the skin to breathe.

The same options go with skirts and also dresses.

Signs Your Baby Is Too Hot

The beauty of newborns is that they will cry if anything is irritating them, which includes when they may be too hot.

You can typically see the signs if a baby is too hot, as you may notice they turn red and look flushed in appearance, hot to the touch or may even start to sweat. Newborns react the same way adults do to excessive heat.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, simply watching and monitoring them to make sure they are fine is the best thing to do. But as a parent, watching and monitoring them is something that comes naturally to us anyway!

It may not seem like it currently with our ever changing UK weather climate, but before you know it, the sun will shine. Taking the time to ensure you have the right clothing products in place for your newborn is essential.

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