Family-Friendly Destinations In Australia That Your Kids Will Love

Australia is possibly the most magical and ancient continent on the planet. It has a bit of everything, from gleaming Australian metropolises to the utterly deserted outback. 

However, it’s also a very family-friendly place. Here are some of the destinations that your kids will love (and you’ll enjoy too). 

Cairns’s Natural Wonders

Cairns is a city close to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and a launching site for transporting tourists to the area. It’s also a World Heritage location as well, making it a must-visit area. 

If you plan on visiting the reef, you can go on a family-friendly snorkelling expedition. Here, both you and the kids can explore the planet’s largest coral reef system, all while supervised by teams of vigilant professionals. 

Byron Bay

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If you head a little south of the Gold Coast, you’ll reach a place called Byron Bay. This area offers some of the most stunning beaches in all of Australia. And it’s relatively unspoiled, meaning that you can wander for miles without running into any eyesores. 

This fact makes Byron Bay holiday rentals popular in the area. You don’t have to stay in a hotel if you don’t want to, which is helpful for those with special dietary requirements. 


Rottnest Island

If you really want to get away from it all, you can get a ferry from the western city of Perth outward to Rottnest Island. This unique location offers beautiful wildlife, a unique location, and more sandy beaches than you could ever possibly want. Upon arrival on the island, many people immediately go out and hire bicycles. It’s one of the best ways to get around and saves you from having to drive a car. Once you get to the location, you’ll also meet the Australian quokka, a tiny furry creature that looks just as adorable as the other marsupials you find on the mainland. 


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The world’s elites love going to Tasmania. But what makes it so special? Perhaps the greatest draw of the island is its dramatic wilderness. You can look out for miles in all directions and see nothing from mountains and trees, giving you the sense that you’re really lost in nature. 

You can also take the family on a trip to the island’s Wilderness World Heritage area. This special location comes replete with hiking trails, wildlife spotting opportunities and dark skies for spotting stars at night. 

Kangaroo Island

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Heading along the coast of South Australia, you’ll eventually bump into kangaroo island, a kind of natural playground that both adults and children alike love. It offers stunning scenery, access for cars, and there are, as you might guess, plenty of roos to see as well. 

If you go to the beach area, you’ll also see some wild sea lions and dolphins. Just be sure to stop the kids from going too close. 

Go further inland, and you’ll come across several farms. These offer some delicious foods for you to try, giving you a taste of the local area. 

So, which of these dramatic destinations will you and your family visit on your trip? 

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