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Now the girls are just that little bit older and more independent, I feel like I’m finally getting myself back. It’s been a LONG journey and not one that has come naturally to me. It’s so easy to get lost in the realm of parenting with relentless sleepless nights, nappies and toys to pick up, but finding time for me has been so important. I can’t tell you how different I feel now I’ve incorporated a healthier lifestyle, some exercise and self-care into my routine. It has helped every aspect of my life SO MUCH and makes me a better parent for the time I am with the children.

So, today I wanted to tell you all about a brand I am loving – They are called Our Remedy and they’ve created wellness products specifically for women, designed by women. Their range is lovingly made in the UK, totally vegan and packaged using eco-friendly materials.

The Our Remedy Range

Or Remedy products incorporate broad-spectrum CBD oil to help create balance and harmony in our lives and to help with our monthly cycles too. I know that CBD oils are often slightly taboo to talk about and raise a few eyebrows, but I’ve been using CBD oils (including other brands) for around 18 months and have found them to be a total game changer! They help me with my sleep, anxiety and bring a drop of calm to my life. I take CBD oil every night before bed and honestly, I couldn’t be without it. Oh, and I’m sure you are wondering – all the products from Our Remedy (and that I have used in the past!) are all fully legal, tested and made in the UK and are blended without THC (the illegal bit) so there isn’t anything to worry about there.

Moon Swings

RRP £26.99 10ml / 500mg

The first product I’ve been trying out is Moon Swings. It’s a hero elixir that blends broad-spectrum CBD with peppermint and clary sage to provide a self-care oil with ‘time of the month’ wellness in mind. It’s said that CBD oil can help with pain and inflammation, cramps and also PMS so this is perfect if you suffer with strong symptoms during your cycle. You take a couple of drops under the tongue with a pipette every day. It can take a while for CBD to build up in your system so it can take around 1-2 weeks to start working.

I have found using CBD oil daily has really helped me with my cycles, specifically around how anxious or emotional I’d feel in the run-up to my period. Moon Swings CBD oil seems to just even that out and offers support on days I feel a bit wobbly as I’m able to calm myself in the evenings, by taking a couple of drops and ensuring I prioritise time-out for me. I also really love how the mint helps to mask the taste as often CBD oil can taste really bitter and horrible!

Pretty Peaceful

RRP £26.99 10ml / 500mg

The other product in the Our Remedy range is Pretty Peaceful. Sleep is the main reason I take CBD oil, I have had insomnia and am a really light, disturbed sleeper, which is quite unfortunate when you have two young children who don’t like sleeping either! I’ve been taking a few drops of CBD oil before bed for around 18 months and it really helps to settle me into a deeper sleep than I’d achieve without it. On nights I forget to take it I often notice how much I wake up!

Pretty Peaceful is a wonderful wellness oil that combines CBD, lavender, geranium and sweet orange to provide a restorative and rebalancing ingestible oil that is perfect for winding down before bed for that deep sleep. Again, you drop a couple of drops under the tongue with a pipette or you can add it to hot drinks or a smoothie for another option!

Packaging and sustainability

One thing I really love about the brand is that all the products are sustainable and packaged using eco-friendly materials. All products are made, packaged and lab-tested in the UK (so no air miles are added) and for every item sold, Our Remedy donate to period poverty charity Bloody Good Period.

You’ll see one of the bottles comes with a pipette, one doesn’t, this is so the refill bottles are totally plastic-free. You keep your existing pipette and use it in the refill bottle – a clever way to stop so many pipettes from ending up in landfill!

They are also the first and only brand of their kind in the UK offering shipping in compostable mailer bags, plastic-free refills and soy ink printed boxes, so they are a truly sustainable company!

One last thing I wanted to mention about Our Remedy is that they are a small, female led UK business that is a community too. They included these cards within the box and I instantly followed on Instagram and watched all their reels! It’s lovely to know I’m supporting a small business and connecting with other like-minded women too!

You can order Our Remedy products from their website here.



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