7 Creative and Cheap Ways to Update Your Hallway

We have been spending so much time in our homes now, they can get a bit boring to look at. But how can you change your entrance hall without blowing the budget? Here are five creative solutions.

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Add or Change the Storage

A growing family, and growing kids, means that the storage in your home always needs to adapt. Storage racks for shoes are a great way to keep those school shoes from disappearing. Simple hooks can be attached to the wall for coats and bags, so you won’t need that expensive unit that will break your budget.

Brighten the space

Using the main lights in the hallway can suck the ambiance out of the area. One of the biggest issues is casting shadows in a narrow space which can make the space feel smaller.  Attaching strip lights to the stairs as an accent lighting alternative can be a great way to change the feel. Using lamps on console tables can be another alternative.

Change the Artwork

Prints and canvas pieces are incredibly cheap to buy now, so there are always cheap options to swap out your wall art. However, you could consider changing the frames of your prints with a quick lick of paint. Or, have a variety of art prints the same size to swap out from time to time.


Add some mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best things to add to a hallway. Some carefully placed mirrors can help brighten, lengthen, and add a sense of space. Not only do they reflect light, they are useful for those last minute checks before you head out the door. Large mirrors can be a statement piece, and antique shops normally have a good supply of unwanted mirrors which can be updated with some paint.


No Carpets 

Carpets might seem like a great idea but not in a hallway. These are high traffic areas which see plenty of dirt and grime, not what you need stuck into the carpet. Carpet can easily be destroyed in these areas, and if you have some carpet that needs replaced, remove it. You might not be able to replace it straight away but you can cover the stairs and floor with a hard wearing paint.

Freshen the paintwork

The wooden parts of the hallway can take a big bashing during the day. Toys, dog leads, and buggies have been known to destroy the paintwork of many doorframes. A gentle sand and a fresh coat of paint can completely update the space. If you are the owner of a wooden front door, you could paint it a completely different colour to create an accent pace.

Hang some Curtains

Curtains might not seem like a great idea but they can completely transform a space. Not only can they add a pop of colour, they can help prevent drafts and help keep the heat in. Curtains can be expensive but they can also be picked up at most discount stores or online for a reasonable price. 

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