Best ways to make the most of wall space

These days, private renting is one of the most popular forms of living in the UK and with such a large proportion of them being unfurnished, new renters are usually overwhelmed by the amount of general furniture to buy that they forget all about the wall space!

Not only is wall use very flexible in terms of decorations that they can accommodate, but they can also hold a variety of appliances and storage as well. For some, wall storage is one of the most innovative storage ideas for a rented home and, as long as the right permission is sought from the landlord to put things on the wall, can be very sturdy for a long time. 

If you are someone with bare walls in their apartment or house, then keep reading for more tips on how to make the most of your wall space. Not every wall space solution has to be costly and take a lot of time; we’ll be sharing some of our most cost-effective and time-effective wall space solutions for you to use!

Where is the best place to install wall space solutions?

Some of the best wall space solutions can be installed in areas that the average homeowner wouldn’t really think of! For example, desks that are usually already a couple of inches away from the wall due to skirting boards and extension cables can have storage shelves installed underneath them on the wall. 

Another great bit of wall space that gets overlooked is the alcove underneath the stairs. The underside of the stairs has been used by some very innovative homeowners for hanging storage solutions or even just decoration. 

Additionally, behind doors and underneath window sills are some other uncommon wall spaces that are usually under-utilised. These areas are great for installing subtle shelves, floating cabinets that act as side tables and other little storage spaces. 

What are some popular ideas for using wall space?

One of the most popular ideas for using up wall space is installing fancy statement radiators that really capture the attention as soon as you walk into a room. These are not only extremely stylish but are one of the most useful ways to utilise wall space. 

Of course, one of the most popular ways to use wall space is to hang pictures. But to spice it up a little, you can create a gallery wall corner across the intersection of two walls. Not only is this a little bit different, but it can also be quite a creative project. With no actual limits to the boundary of the gallery corner, you can expand it as you buy more pictures to hang. 

There are plenty of quirky little solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, whether that be suction-based bathroom dispensers for the shower or a magnetic spice rack that can be attached to any cupboard or tile-based surface in your kitchen. 

Where can I find the tools I need to install the solutions?

The level of difficulty upon installing any of these wall space solutions really depends on the solution that you choose. If you’re looking for radiators and vertical heaters to place on your wall, you’ll need professional help from a contractor to set up the gas connection safely. 

However, if you need a new unit and new valve fittings, you can head over to, where they sell a wide variety of valve and thermostatic radiator accessories that also come with a great manufacturer’s guarantee. 

If you’re looking for shelves and storage solutions, you’ll usually find these in a variety of places; ranging from low-budget solutions from supermarket homeware departments, all the way up to local boutiques and local handcrafting markets; who usually sell items for a dearer price due to the quality. 

At the end of the day, most tenants usually agree that utilising wall space really frees up their home of clutter and makes sure that everything has a place. 


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