Can You Help A Loved One Immigrate?

Although the past year has made it a lot harder to move across the world, people have been doing it in increasing numbers when the circumstances haven’t been blocking them. You may have a friend, a partner, or a loved one who is looking to make the journey to where you live and you might wonder what you can do to help them make that move. While you can’t pilot the whole process for them, you might be able to assist them. Here are a few ways.

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Handle the logistics on your side

Making an overseas move is much bigger than any ordinary home move. Especially if they’re bringing any belongings with them. It’s up to them to sort out which moving agencies they work with, but you can be the assistant on the other side. This can include working with them to help find accommodation that fit their needs. If they need you to check out any work opportunity since they can’t verify it remotely with their own eyes, you can do that, too.

Helping them find the work that they need

Many countries, which might include the one your loved one is trying to move to, make immigration much easier for those who can find employment, especially if they can bring skills that the home market is in need of. Looking for opportunities that allow for overseas workers is one thing, but if you can use your network to connect your loved one with employers who could benefit from them, even if they aren’t open to overseas workers yet, you can open brand new opportunities by recommending applications for things like a sponsor licence. You can’t get the job for them, but you can be part of the network that builds the connections they capitalise on.

Helping with the application processes

Aside from the logistics of where to live, where to work, and how to make the move, there is also a legal application process that your loved one might have to work through. Working with immigration lawyers and connecting your friend, partner or family member with them is probably the best thing that you can do for them. However, aside from the research done online, you may be able to visit local authorities in person to see if they have any resources that can help people either find the visa that they need or make a more permanent move, depending on their plans.

Help with the adjustment period

A lot of people have trouble adjusting to new surroundings, and this can only be heightened when it’s in a new country. Culture shock, homesickness, and feelings of loneliness are not uncommon. Helping your loved one acclimate by making sure they have company, introducing them to friends, taking them sightseeing and gently guiding them when it comes to matters of etiquette can help them make the adjustment a lot more smoothly.

No one is guaranteed a path to living in another country. However, the help you offer can certainly heighten their chances to be sure to keep the tips above in mind.

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