Interesting Ideas for your next Birthday

When it comes to birthdays, we often find that the options are very limited. It usually involves our loved ones, closest friends, a venue, a theme, and lots and lots of sugar. Perhaps it is time to rethink our approach to this annual event. It does call for a celebration seeing that we have successfully completed another trip around the sun.

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Here are some interesting and different ideas to play with when you plan your next party:

Have a unique birthday experience

How about a Murder Mystery Game? This whodunnit party game intrigues the suspicious part in all of us. A guest is playing a murderer, in secret, and the game sets the stage for the other guests to figure out who amongst them is the criminal. In some versions of the game, the person playing the murderer is aware they are the killer, but in another variant, they themselves also have to figure it out with the rest of the partygoers. Clues are presented and assumptions are being made while the entire story unfolds right before your eyes. An exciting way to celebrate your life by investigating a death.

Fire off a Leave request and take the day off

Take the day off from work If it’s possible. Switch shifts with a co-worker or get a childminder to take care of the kids. Draw up a list of all your favorite pastime activities like going for brunch with a friend, or reading a book, or visiting your favorite coffee shop. If you have to put a price tag on it then perhaps it is not a bad investment in your happiness.

Take stock of your life

Start doing a birthday resolutions list. Write down all your successes and try to set some personal goals you want to achieve during the next year. Spend the day imagining what your immediate future would look like, and start putting your game plan together. Goals are like magnets and tend to pull you towards them if you’ll allow it.

Dig into your past and discover your ancestry

Get your DNA tested and trace your lineage to see if you can discover old family traditions which you can introduce into your family life. Knowing where you come from gives you a sense of belonging.

Show your body some love

The vessel that carried you around the sun all these times deserves some tender loving care. Book yourself and your bestie in at a spa for a massage. Some well-deserved rest with someone close to you can add to your day of self-appreciation. Eat a healthy lunch and stock up on your vitamins, you still have a long way to go.

Let wanderlust take you outdoors

After spending so much time at home over the past year, perhaps look at a great weekend destination that is not too far to drive and spend a night or two away in a tastefully decorated Guesthouse. Plan your meals so that it’s easy to prepare which would give you more time to explore the area.

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