Lacking inspiration in the kitchen? Try these recipe apps!

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Cooking up a feast for the family can be a tough task on occasions, especially as everyday life gets in the way or your little one is a fussy eater from time to time. It can be hard to not only produce a tasty meal but serve up something different for the family. If this sounds familiar, then fear not –  the modern world most definitely has you covered with a range of excellent recipe apps. 

There is an app for almost everything these days. Some products are better than others, but on the whole, the emergence of smartphone applications has resulted in a range of benefits for us hard-to-please humans. Some people conduct banking queries using an app, while others order in food using popular options like Uber Eats. These apps can be housed on the same powerful mobile phones we use to play games like the Mermaids Millions slot, take high-quality photos of a family day out, and update our social media profiles. In the case of recipe apps, they’re quick to download, easy to grasp, and can provide a comprehensive offering of stunning recipes for the family. 

In case you’re in need of some inspiration in the kitchen, here is a look at some of the top recipe apps which might come in handy. All of the apps featured are available on android and iOS unless stated otherwise. 

BBC Good Food

A trusted source with an extensive selection of recipes from well-known faces and industry experts, the BBC Good Food app is a great place to start. Offering users with a large selection of step-by-step recipes, you can save your favourite dishes and access them while offline. With a dedicated community of users, there are also comments to read, excellent sharing tools to utilise with friends and family, and it’s free to use too. 


An established app these days after being founded in 2009, Yummly features over two million recipes. You’ll struggle to run out of ideas using this particular app, especially with its useful filtering options. You can search for recipes according to your diet, ingredients, allergies, nutritional information, price, cuisine, and a whole lot more. The app also allows users to save their favourite recipes, alongside being able to make use of its step-by-step tips and helpful video tutorials. Overall, Yummly’s offering is impressively detailed. 


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With over 35,000 tried and tested recipes, the Epicurious app is a popular option. Alongside providing ideas in the kitchen, it also offers helpful shopping list tools, you can perform voice-activated commands for when you’re cooking hands-free, and a selection of other handy features. 

Oh She Glows

We’re regularly being told that we need to eat less meat which is why apps like Oh She Glows have risen to prominence in recent times. Championing over 260 plant-based and gluten-free recipes at the time of writing, Oh She Glows offers a range of gorgeously healthy dishes with clear cooking instructions. From the likes of cheesy lentil bolognese casserole to a refreshingly beautiful gazpacho, Oh She Glows is an impressive app. It also does an excellent job of informing its users on a variety of important information around things such as nutritional information.


Yet another solid option, Cookpad currently offers around 5.5 million recipes from all around the world. You can search by recipe name, food type, ingredients, access the trending recipes, and plenty more. You can share your own recipes also, alongside being able to create a list featuring your favourites. The app offers an excellent interface which makes it easy to grasp, too. 


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